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Phantom touch


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Punt never touched by a Griz player. Goes off a Vandal. UI gets possession. Refs blew that one. Vandals get a gift TD. This was at about the 9 minute mark, 2nd quarter. :fist:
Totally agree, I think the ref was more concerned about the block and never paid any attention to the touch, he should have had an extra pair of eyes, i.e side judge to back him up..
That was a tough one to call...there were about three things happening in a split second that the ref needed to see.

On the other hand...the Vandals have what, about a hundred yards in penalties at the half? I hope the refs just keep doing what they are doing.
Okay, so at the half, we're up 17-9 and we can forget about that blown call for now...

Who would've thought the Griz would run the f***ing OPTION? I saw a rumor about it in the Missoulian online, but I NEVER would've thought I'd live to see the day.

It's as surprising to me as it apparently is to the Vandals.

But regardless of the score, I still hope to see a QB in there this season who can THROW the ball for a score. Although I'll give Hartman props for his attempt to hit Talmadge in the end zone. Nice play. Too bad the pro rule on pass interference in the end zone doesn't apply in college.

Anyway, back to the game!!!

Go Griz!