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Pflugrad now the frontrunner

Hauck will not accept job. Officials just got the word. Kelley will take the Bowling Green job. Pflugrad will be offered the job later today. Word is going to Alabama with price a possibilty. UM is going have to pay some cash to assure getting Pflugrad.
First two posts ever by BIG GRIZZY less than twenty minutes apart and reporting all this information no one else knows.

I have a sneakin' suspicion this may be a Bobcat pullin' our chains.
New or not, Big Griz is right on the money. The only thing that I can't confirm is the Bowling Green job for Kelly.

Bottom line: Pflugrad gets the job no matter what Kelly does or doesn't do.

And it won't cost UM much at all to get him. Pflugrad will do cartwheels if he gets the same compensation package as Glenn.
Pflu will only go to Bama if he doens't get the UM job. Here's why.

1. Pflu is around 43 years old. He is desparate to become a head coach. Calling his own shots is more important to him that money at this time in his life.

2. Mike Levenseller (current WSU OC) will likely get the WSU head coaching job if Price bolts to Bama. Pflu believes he will get the OC job at Bama. That jobs pays around $200 to 250,000 a year. Even if he remains a position coaches, he can still expect to make $150 to $175,000.

3. Pflu makes $75,000 ($85,000 if he hits his recruiting targets). So....$150,000 at UM will be a big raise for him. That makes it much easier to walk away from the $200 to $250,000 at Bama.

4. Pflu has two teenage children. Would you want your teenage children to attend an Alabama public school?

5. Pflu's children were born in Missoula. Pflu vacations at Flathead Lake each and every summer. Pflu loves, adores, and worships Montana. In fact, I think he'd stay at UM for as long as Dennison would have him. I doubt that he'd regard UM as a "stepping stone" to a bigger program.

6. But Pflu's big motivation is that he wants to be a head coach. That desire is more important than money to him at this stage in his career.
For recruiting sakes you would have to say Pflugard! If Kelly was to bring his coaches with him, then Kelly would get the nod.
I don't mean to be a tease, but you will be very impressed with the coaching staff that Pflu has lined up. You will recognize several of the names and be impressed with their experience....both as players (collegiate and NFL) and coaches.

I'm sure that Kelly has a very good staff. All I'm saying is that it would be a big mistake to think that Kelly has a better staff than Pflu.

I'd call it even on coaching ability and (HUGE) advantage for Pflu on recruiting ability.

Just so you know where I stand....I'm pulling for Pflu.
Would someone please fill me in on why Pflugrad is such a hot candiate when he's never held a head coaching job even at the prep level. I would really like to know what it is that he will bring to the party? How can you compare him as a coach to Brian Kelly who has been a head coach at the Div II level for 12 years, has only lost one game in two years, has a National Championship under his belt, and has a fell staff of proven coaches to bring with him How can these two candidates be favorablY compared. I'm serious! Fill me in on why Pflugrad is even a canidate. I wasn't around the Griz scene when he was an assistant Griz coach, so I don't know zip about him except what I stated above.Crying for info on him---HELP!!!!!!!
I'm with Buckeye on this. I know Pflu is mentioned by everybody as a candidate, but I'm not sure he is the best guy out there for us. He coached when Dickenson was here and since that time hasn't he pretty much just been a recruiter????? I'm sure he's a great guy and I'm sure he's a hell of a recruiter with great ties........but.........I'd certainly like to have someone with some solid coaching experience. Am I wrong on this one?????????????
From another poster on this board, the reason Pflugrad left Montana is because he performed the duties of Offensive Coordinator without the pay that is supposed to go with it. Mick Dennehy was Offensive Coordinator then, but that was in name only. Phlugrad did most of Mick's job.

so you can include experience as offensive coordinator even though he never had the title to go with it. He was also Assistant Head Coach for Montana. Not sure what he did there but generally that would be the guy that takes over if Head Coach is unable to do his duties for some unknown reason.

Plus he coaches tightends. I think it would be great to get someone who can work with these tightends to get them to be better. Maybe Molloy will be more consistent in catching the ball.

Plus, he has quite a bit of experience with recruiting. Recruiting is so important. There will be no time lost in recruiting with Phlugrad.
I'm still not convinced, though I think they'll all do well. But, I want a proven worker. A man that burns the midnight oil going over the game films, dissecting the opponents offensive schemes and defensive schemes. Then putting together game plans that exploit their weaknesses.
Kelly is proven and tested in these areas, in fact highly complimented in these areas, as well as being a good recruiter and administrator. I think it will be a shame if we can't land the best talent available for this very important job.

I think the recruiting is being over emphasized. Alabama just hired a NW coaching staff to run a program in the deep south. No one can with any knowledge say he could possibly have recruiting connections in the deep south for Gods sake. All of WSU connections are in the same states we recruit. It's 1000 times more important to get an experienced Head Coach and Alabama knows that better than us.

Our most successful coaches have been proven Head Coaches. When we've hired untested assistants we've been disappointed every time.

My question to Hauck and Pflugard both is this. Why have you taken the easy road? Why have you only taken on the challenge of minor position assistant coaching jobs? If you wanted to be Head Coaches, why didn't you take Div. II Head Coaching jobs years ago and win a National Championship or two to show us you could do it? How do we know you have the expertise when you haven't shown us you can do it?
Actually, these days the importance of recruiting can't be stated enough.
Who would the Griz have recruited when Glenn first got here if the 3 that stayed hadn't been here? Segars, but other than that perhaps none of the guys we now see on the team from that first year. and who do they get the second year without those same contacts and inroutes?
Many guys can do x's and o's but not all can recruit. at the 1-a level its what separates the men from the boys.
Also, if a guy is a wr coach or TE coach who's to say he doesn't look at game film a lot? that's rediculous. especially at the 1-a level. That's big business. They don't keep guys around who cant contribute.
like i stated on a different board phlugrad was recruiting coordinator he had the #5 highest number of guys drafted to the during that time period. Granted he was at a pac-10 school, but thats still nothing to sneeze at.
I can see only one guy will do for somepeople, and that's ok. there were many who never liked Glenn either,and that's there right, i suppose.
Sure some could make arguements about all the candidates and how some lack HC exp(they all lack HC exp at 1-aa), or how some have never coached in divsionI in any capacity. Big deal, any of the guys that are being looked at seem better than any other 1-aa program will ever attract.
Bill Doba, WSU's Defensive Coordinator, will probably be taking WSU's head coaching job. I'm curious to see how much money the Griz will have to shell out if they select Pflugrad to be the head coach. I"m not sure what he was making at WSU, but I'm sure he will want a fair amount. As I've been reading about the bit with Price leaving right before the Rose Bowl, there are a lot of pissed off WSU fans who are wishing him ill will like no other. That's gotta suck. That is an interesting post from Grizzy about Kelly possibly going to Bowling Green......

Wow, there are a ton of new people on the board. I've only been on here a month or so and tonight I"ve noticed a bunch of new usernames. Good luck in your search for a head coach.

By the way, do any griz fans think that Glenn's departure could have any bearing on your verbal commitments for next season?
From what I read here and elsewhere, the idea that Pflugrad is a great recruiter is an extremely attractive asset, since over the long term good recruiting is the way powerful football programs are maintained.

Also, the idea that Pflugrad likes Montana and may possibly stick around for awhile even if he is successful sounds awful attractive. Constant coaching changes are not good for teams in my opinion.

The downside for Pflugrad is that he doesn't have head coaching experience. That is a big potential downside, and it is important that UM does not make a mistake with this selection. I wonder what others think about that, since from all I am reading Pflugrad may be the frontrunner in the UM coaching race.

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