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Personal Fouls-Cheap Shots


What's the deal with all the late hits, cheap pealities, pushing, etc. in the bowl games? Another reason to like the Griz is I hope and it appears they are not cheapshoters, not talkers as I don't remember too many of these during the last several seasons. I will not support a team that is that way. From the players I've met they aren't that way...I'm proud to wear the Colors...Some of the Bowl games were just ridiculus on the amount of cheap shots...that really shows allot about the programs and allot about ours...
I don’t think the 1A boys would know how to handle a playoff. They now have 40 to 50 days to prepare. Try 6 days and not knowing what kind of offense your opponent runs. Films maybe three days before you play. They would be lost. The late hits and penalties are rust driven. Look at Miami losing their #1 running back…if it was a playoff and they should happen to win all the players and fans would be winning about injuries. I don’t think they can handle the truth.
This is just my two cents that may or may not have to do with this thread, but it is something I have thought of before, and again as I watched some of the bowl games this year.

What if these bowl games, at least some of them, had an overall sense of purpose, other than a glorified exhibition contest? What is there was something at stake, something riding on the outcome in each and every bowl game that tied them together? What if bowl games had an ultimate goal of a national championship? Would that stimulate interest and viewing audience? IMHO I believe it would, it sure works for NCAA basketball.

Only one bowl game and two teams had anything at stake this year, and every other year before. The rest of the games are beauty contests. If there was a playoff system, it would make them all interesting to fans and non-fans alike.
I watched six of the bowl games and I was struck by the difference in officiating between the Big Sky Conference and the bowl games in I-A. Taunting and celebrating are rarely called in the bowl games. Do they just give them more leeway at the bowl level? Another real disparity is in holding. Linemen were almost never called for holding in the bowl games whereas the GRIZ got clobbered all year with holding calls. I suspect that once a few had been called we gained a reputation that was reinforced by the opposition's coaches reminding the refs that Montana holds. Many of our drives and scoring opportunities were stifled this year by untimely holding calls.