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Last week I had the opportunity to experience my first home GRIZ game since 1994. It's take'n me a week to write this but I tell you what - there is nothing comparable to Montana football fans. Being in the military, I have the opportunity to talk alot of smack with wanna be fans from other universities. I've been to satellite parties in Alaska, the east coast, and the deep south. But to experience what I did at the Idaho game, if I could, I could I would move back to MT in a heartbeat. If there was a ground hog day, I choose last week. Unbelievable what you all experience every Saturday a home game comes to town. North end zone crazies to "Cotton Eye Joe" on the big screen; kick ass!!!! God bless you all; I look forward to seeing you at Nooga or wherever your Griz ass may be in this world! Go Griz!!!!!!!!!!
To make a long story short: my family is pissed at me for missing a wedding and going to a GRIZ game.

My response:

Next time invite the rest of my 24,000+ family - maybe I'll come!

BP - see you soon; stick a slug in S.H. for me in the sandbox.
I would have told them if they really wanted you there they wouldn't have scheduled the wedding on Grizzly Game Day.
RobGriz said:
I would have told them if they really wanted you there they wouldn't have scheduled the wedding on Grizzly Game Day.

Ditto, and God Bless GI Medic Grizfan. Stay safe on your deployments.
Speaking of the military, how cool was that helicoptor flyover before the game 8) That was awesome. I love the here Kitty Kitty Kitty. :lol:
The helicopter flyover was way cool! 8) 8) 8) 8)

Could you imagine what a jet fly over (similar to the one in 2000) would be like now for those of us in the NEZ. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Not to stay away from the topic on this post, but.......

Did anyone else think it was disrespectful that the flyover was right in the middle of the national anthem? Don't get me wrong, It was AWESOME!!. I just wished they would have waited till the end, you know, "Home of the brav(woosh!!!!!)e." Again, not complaining, it was great, timing was just off.

Thanks to all those who serve and fight so we can live in freedom. May we not forget their sacrafice.

P.S. GI Medic, glad you had a good time. Hope you can make it to a few more.
I'm sure that it was all on a schedule and the National Anthem was just about a minute or so late getting started so the hellipcopters ended up flying over in the middle. I would be really surprised if the military would fly over in the middle of it.
I have been in the NEZ since 95 and I have seen single and double jet fly overs, but to me they do not compare to the mulitple helicopter fly over we've had over the stadium against Cal Poly and I dont remember who last year. You can hear them coming for over a minute and it gets your adrenaline pumping with anticipation. It makes me want to yell God Bless America, our military and of course the Griz. Ok I'll get off my soap box.
As for the timing, you are right NZCrazy, they are suppose to arrive about the time the anthem is ending. I would guess the timing would be difficult. Go Griz
I agree Native,
Jet flyovers are spectacular, but the slow flyover of the helis got my heart a pumpin. I saw the one heli off to the west of the stadium headed towards us. Then all of the sudden all the others came over the big screen. Holy crap it was cool! 8)
yes'ir. Those Heli's are cool as hell. Timing was a bit off, but I swear when they did it last year and then last sat I got goose bumps. Sa'weeet.

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