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Passing Game Killed Us on the Last Drive.

I tend to agree... Ochs seems to overthrow in situations in which he is 'excited,' just too much adrenline. Both passes to Segars on the last drive were just out of his reach -- and Segars was open ... sigh!
Yeah, but talmadge is obviously not the superstar everybody thought.
two balls through his hands...one for an interception.
Ochs played great. certainly good enough to win.
Problem......no secondary, they do suck!
Phenicie drilled into Oachs that he wants him to throw it longer to the wrs on those deep ones as opposed to the short one to JH last week.

As for Talmage he made some good catches and a great TD. Name one great wr who hasn't dropped some. Get off the kid's back.

oh, btw, running the ball with only one minute left on that last drive wouldnt have made much sense. In fact, would have been the stupid thing to do.

Ironic, ronbo that you're complaining about the play calling. :D
yeah, it's rainbow's fault the griz lost! all those posts calling for more running plays! damn! rainbow, you bad man!!
It's all second guessing but in both OT's the Griz picked up 5 yards rushing on first down then passed on second. The D dictated that some but we were running well. Both fades to Segars were just a little too long and my reasoning is that Ochs didn't want to underthrow it as he did to Talmage which resulted in the INT from the 1 yrd line, that was a killer. LV had one on one coverage but it just wasn't meant to be. I believe however in that first OT we could have run it down their throat all the way to the end zone. Tough loss.
I was at the game and agree that we should have run at least on third down in the second OT. The fade to Segars on 2nd was a little to the outside, and he was turned around a little, causing him to stumble.

On the fade that was picked early in the third qtr, it would have been moot if we'd have scored on the sweep to the right. We were right on top of it, and it looked like the back got in. I think it was Green. Oh well. Give ISU some credit. Their O-line gave Hetherington all day to throw, with the exception of the final play of the game. Our secondary was under big time pressure all day because he had all day to throw, or so it seemed.
Time to get it together and win the rest.
Yeah, but talmadge is obviously not the superstar everybody thought.

Whatever!!! did you see the pass interference play where he was tackled and tipped the ball in the air and while laying on his back reached out and caught the ball.
Kodiak....EXACTLY!! They couldn't stop Green in the 4th Qtr ...and what do we do in OT both times ....1st down 5 yards...then screw up the next two plays....LOSS. Coaches choked, can't blame the players on the offensive failures in OT.
I haven't really gotten to concerned about the play calling as I think that much has been determined by the ability of the personel on the field. That said, I didn't understand calling two fade patterns in the last overtime. Let's just pick up the first down. We had options. Nothing said we had to go to the end zone twice on the same pattern. Tough loss but, hopefully the team and coaches will continue to grow. The offense was great most of the day.
I have no problem with the throw to Segars on second down, but I think it was the wrong call on third down. Also, as soon as I saw the linebackers show blitz on the last play I know the game was over.
ronbo said:
We were doing fine on the ground. Passing game might have lost this one for us.

Ronbo, I'm not pointing the finger at you on this one:

Man, people bitched because we WEREN'T passing in earlier games. Now we're blaming the passing game? Get real.
Here's what an Idaho newpaper said:

Ochs said the plays [the 2 passes to Segars] were designed to go elsewhere, but elsewhere was closed up. Ochs chose to go for the home run, "because that's all we gave him," said [ISU coach] Lewis.

"I'll take Segars one-on-one against any cornerback," Ochs said. "It was there two plays in a row."

When asked if he liked his quarterback's decisions, first-year Montana coach Bobby Hauck said, "He sees what he sees and he's a good decision maker."

If this is accurate, it doesn't look like the coaches should be blamed for the particular passes that were thrown. Ochs looks like a good leader and decision maker to me.
Ochs is the man. He played a good game. It's hard not to toss an INT when you have 4 set up to rush you on almost every play. We were covered well and he still tossed for 3 TDs and 329 yards.

There were... and don't take this or read into this, but there were times where I was thinking run it in my head, and we tossed it for an INT. Not that tossing it was a bad idea. I've just had bad luck with teams I support lately. I have a bad Karma thing going on. If I watch the game it comes down to the wire and the team I want to win loses. The Cubs, the Sox, the Griz, etc. I'm not going to watch, listen, or even pay attention next week. I'll find out on the net or in the paper after the game. I never thought I'd ever become superstitious, but here I am.
Shakermaker said:
ronbo said:
We were doing fine on the ground. Passing game might have lost this one for us.

Ronbo, I'm not pointing the finger at you on this one:

Man, people bitched because we WEREN'T passing in earlier games. Now we're blaming the passing game? Get real.

This post was "tongue in cheek" to point out to all the people that were complaining that we run too much that you can lose the game faster passing than running.

"When you pass the ball three things can happen and two of them are bad"

Woody Hayes

We need to have a good balanced attack. If you live by the pass you die by the pass.

We have a bonified pair of Div.1 quality running backs and it would be a crime not to use them.

1st down, 2 yard line. 225 lb running back. Yeah let's toss it up cause that's what our fans want to see.
This post typifies the problems with some of the Bi-polar Griz fans now. First we don't throw enough, and now we throw too much and don't run enough? What next - we are too close to balanced on offense?

We had 2 bad turnovers, and those cost us. ISU's offensive line did a great job. Combine that with our young secondary, and it was not good. That is what lost the game for us.
I NEVER NEVER NEVER ONCE complained of running TOO MUCH!!!!!!

I thought we were doing just fine, we were winning the games. And if we win the games we could run it 75 fu##ing times and I would be happy.

But passing the ball 1st down on the 2 yard line when you have a 225 pound monster in the backfield?

Yes we were balanced on paper this last game, but we went to the pass at the wrong times. And it hurt us bad.

I hope all the pass happy complaining fans are happy. The pass just might have, oh it could have, it probably did cost us the game.

If you will notice the time of the orginal post it was done immediately after we threw the interception from the 6 inch line on second down. That was one TD lost by the pass. Then earlier in the game we were rushing down the field, mixing in a pass or two, but mostly rushing 6 and 7 and 8 yards a carry. We get deep in the red zone. Then Ochs hits Talmage and Talmage deflects it off his hands to an interception. We were running over them on that drive too. They couldn't stop our runners. So if we had kept it on the ground on that drive would we score? Maybe. That's two TD's lost to the pass. Then we pass to the end zone in overtime instead of grinding out 1st downs and getting in close? You get in real close and it opens up a lot more options.

Yeah I guess I'm a little peeved at the pass plays called this week when we ran over them like there was nobody out there that could stop us. We had them on their heels all day with the run game. But I do also think the passing game was successful at certain points of the game, the 68 yarder to Talmage was beautiful.

Balanced attack. Balanced attack. That's what all the most successful programs do.
yeah, yeah, rainbow! You switch-hit with the best of 'em. You're a frickin front-runner, who says what's politically correct at any given time. What's wrong, no backbone?

Anybody who thinks Jon Talmadge isn't a stud at receiver couldn't tell a football from soccer ball.

I think this board has more sugar-coaters than the unofficial board. Does it make you guys feel warm and fuzzy going to sleep at night knowing that you have no spine? You guys will disappear when this team goes 8-4 or 7-5, and misses the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, while having 16 of 22 starters back, 2 all-conference defensive linemen back, and a better QB and RB than last year's team! Then what are ya gonna say, huh? You gonna tell us that we should be patient with these coaches???

Get you heads ouuta your arses for once in your sugar-coating lives! Or, as lumberseller says, "that's not a piece of lumber in my pants, i'm just damned glad to see ya"!
Get you heads ouuta your arses for once in your sugar-coating lives! Or, as lumberseller says, "that's not a piece of lumber in my pants, i'm just damned glad to see ya"!

azGriz was heard talking out his AZ-arse


I can point out things from a football coach/players point of view. ( I.e. somebody with SOME knowledge of the game) and still be positive on this team and staff; unlike some people....oh yeah like you AZ-A$$

I said after the Weber game when so many people were slamming the team and the coaches that there are a lot of bright spots to this team, and it is going to come our way.

little did I know we were going to run & pass up and down the field all day ( and it could have been way more yardage) and lose to the bung holes.... but I am more pumped than ever on this team's O.

I also believe we can overcome our D problems to an extent with some tweaking of the D.....and again, we will never be dominated the way we were this past week by an O-L the way we were saturday so the D will play better.

and yes, if we miss the playoff's I will be devastated, but will not be screaming for the BH staff's heads on a platter....like you already are!

you have to play every game, and that's why they do not hand you a National championship, or an undefeated season just for showing up- regardless how much talent you have.

so in closing -ya punk-a$$ - take your sarcastic attack on me and stick it up your "AZ arse"


Go Griz

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