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Our next two opponents = EWU and MSU

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The MSU versus EWU statistics look evenly balanced except for the turnovers for the Cats. EWU was able to score points against MSU's defense and generate 99 rushing yards and 272 passing yards.

Were the offenses effective for both EWU and MSU?

How good are EWU and MSU defensive units, or are they overrated?

From those in attendance at the EWU vs. MSU game, what are the strengths and weaknesses of our next two opponents?

Go Griz!
Eastern's offense is potent. If we can keep them in check we do indeed have a very good D. I think we can though.
MSU's D gave up some big plays. they like to man-up and essentially have every guy on the line. When EWU's guys would get though the gain would be big. In other words, MSU does the opposite of bend-but-don't-break. They're good enough that they usually don't break though. Still, with out balance they'll have to respect the run and the pass, and we'll find favorable matchups when out slot wrs are covered by lbs or safeties.

EWUs D isn't great, IMHO. they kept MSU in check, sorta, because the MSU offense isn't great. EWU did ok vs Sac state, but still allowed the Hornets to move the ball with only one decent skills player.

Both teams will give the Griz a challenge, but each on diffent sides of the ball.
GrizMania...Your insight is right on. Our Offense is good..running game iffy, good QB. Our defense overrated? Proud Griz Man, I didn't know we had a defense but thanks for the compliment. What the defense does do is cause turnovers but a team can run and pass with success if done correctly. The MSU squad's defense is pretty good especially against the run. Lulay was hot and cold. One pass would be right on and the next he'd miss a wide open reciever. One thing for sure...if a team gets into their heads they start losing it.
The central stratagem of the EW defense seems to be stripping the football, which they did three times to the bobcats in the first half. Our guys had better have both hands on the ball, because the Eagle defenders go for the football first, the tackle second. It's kind of a sucky way to play defense, but at least we know it's coming.
I agree... don't put the ball on the ground and EWU is very beatable. I still can't decide if EWU is strong against the run or if Molock just isn't that good. Last Saturday was the first time I'd seen either. I suspect both (Molock and EWU's run D) are about average, with EWU having the edge.
On offense, they're simply no great shakes. Meyer's got some skills, but is not near the QB that Ochs is. Kimble's very impressive, but I think his speed and elusiveness are greatly enhanced by the Albi turf and will be modified in Wash/Griz. The receiving corps is not more talented than others we've seen (Cwik is a good athlete, but is no Clarence Moore). Their O-line is not even in the same league as the animals that populate the Lumberjacks line, so expect a Griz-a-low sackfest. I'll be surprised if we struggle against them quite frankly.

I think Lulay's a lot better than a lot of people (especially here) give him credit for. The kid's just a good athlete. Reminds me of John Edwards in that he's very mobile, but pretty streaky when it comes to accuracy and often questionable when it comes to decision-making.
The Cats D (and the refs :wink: ), IMO, kept that game close, despite Lulay's and Molock's attempts to give it away by spilling the ball all over. They've got some great assets, especially in Kane Iaiaieieone, JT, Cooper, and one or two D-linesmen, but I don't think enough to stifle the unbelievable number of Griz weapons.
Here's what Hauck said on his radio show tonight about Eastern: He is concerned about their QB because he's quick on his feet and can throw. He said he doesn't worry about those 6'5" QBs who sit back and throw all day, but those that are good with both feet and hands are worrisome. Also that they are not intimidated by us and fight tooth and nail, and Also, their 10+ (I think) turnover margin. I haven't been overly worried about them, not having seen them, but this gave me pause. I'll go with the "it's better to worry/prepare now and celebrate later" theme of thought. But I'm not listening to those EW idiots on the other thread and their ridiculous claims---we have a team full of talent this year that is just getting better and better and better, and I do believe we'll win this weekend, by quite a bit!
I wouldn't pay any attention to the lamebrain spouting off on behalf of EWU(it's probably a Bobcat in Eagle clothing). If the weather is ug UM will ram it down our throats and eat up the clock. If, on the other hand, the weather is descent look for the passing game to challenge UM's DB's. Cwick is no Moore as he plays tightend but there are several WR's Meyer goes to so keying in on any reciever in particular won't work. Looking foward to WA(nice name)Griz Stadium experience!

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