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One fan's musing; The most important game in a long time?

lynn sellegren

Well-known member
Although all Grizzly games are of the utmost importance to me; I think the game last night was one of the most important and unique games we've had in a long time. From a psychological standpoint, our team and fans did exactly what was needed to reaffirm what Griznation is all about, to set the tone for years to come and at the same time erasing the angst we've felt over the last year and a half. Of lesser importance, we sent a strong message to the rest of the Big Sky that we're as good as ever and our success is ahead of us and not destined to the dustbin of history.The positive chemistry the team has been talking about since spring training was on full display for all of us to see last night. Our offense was amazingly diverse and efficient, having close to a 50/50 mix between the run and pass. JJ led and delivered with poise and cucumber coolness in multiple ways while throwing to 10 different receivers who ran short routes and also stretched the field a couple of times. Two running backs who ran with both grace and power along with a fullback blowing holes wide open were a delight to watch! I want Wilson to run the rock in short yardage situations though. The O-line packed a wallop and by the time JJ took the knee I think ASU's D line was very thankful they didn't have to line up and take another thrashing. Our defense showed the intensity and talent that we all expected to see. The D line and linebackers stepped up and shut the Mountaineers down, keeping the ASU QBs uncomfortable on almost every play, although as ASU's qb stepped back to pass I had the same feeling in my stomach that I had when Peter Nguyen was fielding a punt. The secondary, especially Tully did a great job taking away ASU's momentum with the fumble recovery and interception. I'm still a tad nervous about our pass coverage, but reasonably happy with last night's performance. Our fans are amazing and our energy created an atmosphere in the stadium that was electric and exciting. I think we showed our team that we are for them and support all the positive things they do. In my mind, things are right with the world! We have great and talented team, we're playing in a conference that has a host of teams that will provide exciting and challenging games nearly every weekend(it's a situation we've wanted for years) and I think with the success against FBS teams around the country that the FCS has proved that the member teams can compete with MOST of the other teams from the big schools. Finally, Thanks App State, I will truly miss you guys and I actually got a lump in my throat as I watched the players exchange congratulations at the end of the game knowing we probably will never play again. So long, it's been great. Awesome stuff and it's good to be a GRIZZLY!

Go Griz
Great perspective and right on. Lot of talent in the top of the Big Sky. We are right on schedule. Hope they all win until we get them and the hype grows.