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Old Helmets


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Does anyone out there have some color pictures of the older Griz helmets? The guy(s) at The Helmet Project (http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/) have black and white photos of the older helmets, but need some color photos before they can post them on the site. If you have any photos that can help them, send them. I'm sure they would appreciate it. Plus it would be cool to see them on the site.

If the link above doesn't work for you take the underscore out.
That was a pretty interesting site. What I found most interesting was why in the world did Idaho State change their helmets so many times?

I like ours just the way they are, but if we ever decide to change maybe we could put a pic of GGG, Monte, Super Dave, Wayne Hogan, Don Read, or an eGriz logo, and I know she played basketball, but maybe even a pic of Shannon Cate... or an Al & Vic's logo on the helmet.

As a side question, whose idea was it to change to maroon and silver, and when did we do it? (It was a great move that I hope never changes)...did that change cause a lot of problems with the old time fans, and alum?
We changed for the 1996 season, so the the season we beat Marshall we wore the copper and gold and the season we lost we switched to marroon and silver. I might mess up some of the specifics so I wont even act like I know them, but the current colors were the original colors and the copper and gold were used inbetween. As for if the Alums had a sproblem, I think that most people like these colors better, but there are a few that like the others. I think a big reason for the change was that the darker color was really rare and really pricey. The only other school that used the color was one of the Texas schools. If anything I said is wrong, please feel free to correct me.
grzz, you are close enough. I believe Jack Swarthout brought the copper and gold back in mid to late '60s. Do not exactly know which year exactly as I didn't watch the griz earlier then 1970. Actually it was kind of a Texas Orange for the jerseys that only the Texas Longhorns used at the time. With only two schools having the Texas Orange colored jerseys, expenses are higher. Thus Hogan wanted the colors changed to maroon and silver.
I think the original school colors where maroon and gold. And I always heard that the change to the current colors was because the new colors are more marketable. And cheaper to get all the gear made up.

I think most of the modern Griz fans are real glad that they don't have to wear brown and bright yellow gear around town! :wink:
Hey Guys,

An eGriz.com user (T Brick) sent me a picture of the helmets used in the 70's. Here it is...


There ya go, Chris (eGriz.com)
The old colors were maroon and gold, and maroon and silver, and copper and gold. The info on Swarthout is correct. He changed the maroon to the Texas orange.

Hogan wasn't the one that changed the colors. That was King George. The prevailing rumor around campus is that it was more Mrs. King George than the King himself.

I have heard some rumblings about going to maroon helmets with silver GRIZ on them, but not from anyone specific. Anyone else heard anything about that. I know WSU uses both color of helmets. Given the cost, I couldn't see us doing that.
I think all the football equipment, uniforms, etc are just fine the way they are...any extra money should be put into the stadium expansion IMHO....I don't care if they paint them copper and gold, black and white, or black and blue....just put those 4000 extra seats in....Please? If you do, I'll never ask for another thing. Put a cannon in every corner of Washington/Grizzly Stadium, I don't give a rat's @ss...just put that expansion in. That's not to much to ask is it? I need season tickets damn it! :eek:nfire:
Chris or T Brick,

Great picture of the helmet. Is a good one for the Helmet_Project. Can you find out the specific years when the pictured helmet was used?

Anyone else have some picture of a helmet with the Grizzly Bear design on the side. There's a black and white of Eby Dobson and his holder wearing them in the Press Guide pg. 66. Eby played for the Griz 83-86. I think there was also one design of an interlocked UM at one time.
If I remember correctly, the helmets in the early 80's had the grizzly bear on one side, and the interlocking UM on the other. However, just about everything from that period of my life is a little fuzzy. Anyone else remember the helmets being like this?

Also, in about 79 or 80, they had silver helmets. I know they had some of the old Kelly helmets. Really shiney, and had leather padding inside. You put it on, and went into the sauna or dipped it in water and put it on, and it would more or less form to your head. I can't remember what logo they had on them though.
Interesting comments on the uniforms...a question was posed..how do the oldtimers like the new colors...so I thought Id respond (but being a 92 graduate..I'm hardly an oldtimer).

I for one love the new uniforms, but if I had my way, Id have preferred they kept with the old copper uniforms. I do know that copper was intentionally chosen given the State's big production of copper. The colors were butt ugly and no, the girls did not like them...but the colors did signify a team of grit and determination playing ball in a chilly fall afternoon. fond memories. indeed. I still recall watching games and watching Hauck and Co. and the Griz beat Idaho and Boise (who were much higher ranked) and kicking their butts big time..and from that I grew to love those copper uniforms....

Just some reminiscing from an "old" timer.......sorry if I bored anyone. FYI--I was in the bookstore this summer on vacation and saw a sweatshirt in the old colors that said "old griz fan"..had to laugh..but as it was $50..i didnt buy.

Question for some knowledgable griz fans...the Griz open up at Maine next year. Will there be any ramifications to the Maine team in '03 for the steroid/drug issues noted at the close of this season? any Maine players kicked off the team, etc?
By going through my copy of "Odyssey to a National Championship" I was able to give the Helmet Project the descriptions of several of the Griz old helmets. And, thanks to Chris and T Brick the site now has the photo of the helmet from the 70's on it.

If anyone else has pictures of old Griz helmets that would help with the Helmet Project, I'd be willing to make sure that they get to them. Just e-mail them to me. Color photos are preferred, but black and white is fine.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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