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OK...The McGame


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I have been physically sick thew last two days. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

This is what I saw and noticed about the game. When McNeese got the ball on thier first scoring drive....the Griz where flat. The players, the coaches and the fans! I stood up and yelled at the fans to get off thier hands and make some noise during that drive....nobody did though. It was like we had been beating them so bad, that everyone figured we had it wrapped up. You could feel the mo' swing, and it seemed like noboby cared.....

I noticed during that drive that Vernon Smith was on the sidelines in street clothes. I knew this was trouble because Mcteam would have to throw the ball to win. They did. Joel Rosenberg may be a great guy, but he did not have the athletic ability to keep up with those recievers. It killed us....

John Edwards doesn't throw very well...and he didn't in this game. But he didn't kill us either, and did some nice things along the way. Neill didn't do so hot either....just for the records. :roll:

Billy Cockhill is getting worse.....I thought that he showed signs of real improvement at times this year. He came up with new formations to run old plays, and new plays to run out of old formations. That has not been the case the last 5 or 6 weeks though. It even seems like he is going back to his old ways, and maybe even worse! It was awful!

Case in point. THE BIGGEST point in the game that I think KILLED us......the 1st and goal from the 4 yard line after the Neill to Peterson pass. If we would have scored a TD there....we would have won. It would have stopped thier mo and put them too far behind at that stage of the game. Instead....we lose yards. Now thier D was real good......but can anyone say that the play calling was good? Sweep to the right.....on the goal line, and a QB draw on 3rd??? You would only have to watch one game film on the Griz to figure out that Cockhill likes the QB draw on third down. We musta run that thing like 4-5 times a game this year. I hate it! If your have to run it...do it on 1st or 2nd down when people would not be looking for it.

Why could we not try to run it straight ahead on first.....at least we would have got back to the 4..... :roll: and would have had a chance to pick up a few..... Or what about the quick pass to the slot reciever in the flat? Where did that play go? We use to do major damage with that one, and I havn't seen it for a long time...... and what ever happened to the bubble screen to the middle WR? How well would that have worked on the last minute drive when they were blitzing every down? They were scrambling on D, and a screen would have been big. I could go on and on...

Where has the GRIZ offense gone?

The other play that I will never forget....the fake punt. Had Young been able to get the Ball to Myers.....well, he might still be running. I see that play over and over in my mind. :cry:

Watching the D-linemen dragging themselves up off the ground in the fourth quarter made it painfully obvious that we missed our depth there. We did get tired in the 4th quarter on the D-line. Damn injuries this year!

My wife and I were the last people in the stadium...other than Calvin Coleman and his Dad. We sat and talked with them for about 20 minutes after everyone else had left. It reminded me that this is just football, and there are human beings behind those face masks. Win or lose, we still have a great group of guys out there trying thier hardest. They deserve our praise and support. ( as opposed to the bitching and moaning that has been going on) You think it is hard on you as a fan to lose.....think about the kids, and the seniors like Edwards, who sat on the bench for quite a while after the game with his head hung.

You can't win them all......and we should really be greatful for the two flags we have flying at our beautiful stadium, and for the young men that come and give thier all for the fans.

Good Job GRIZ! Lets make another run at it next year! :lol:
Thanks for the info Geaux... you described the situations very well.

Whether they played good or bad, I'm glad you got to see the Griz twice this year. A fan like you shouldn't be subjected to television and taped games via fedex...

Gotta get your family up here my man, thats all I can say. Even if you have to 'live in a van down by the river'...

Try and keep the spirit alive during the off season!
Great analysis, Geaux! We were just too thin to go on in the playoffs. The Great Bear was badly wounded and we just didn't have enough players to plug all the holes. Many slots were filled by inexperienced players or by players playing out of their normal position. If we had won I'm not sure we would have had enough bodies to get eleven on the field at one time in the next game.

We have such potential for next year. I just hope we don't have to go through another year with so many crippling injuries.
With no or few injuries this game would have been in Montana. Good luck to you next year and hopefully your coach will be back!!
Well put GeauxGriz...my head was hung in hurt to after this game, almost as low as it was after the Griz/Bobcat game, and I found little comfort in "it's only a game" thing.

I started reading an old Grizzly program that listed all the players, their stats, and what year they were. That's when I realized what kind of talent we have returning...I had heard it talked about, but I saw it in print and came to the conclusion that we have the very real chance of being "the team to beat" next year. After this, I felt a lot better.

Hope your move works out, and if it does, I'll see ya' in the new North End Zone seats. Only 9 months to go. GO GRIZ!!!

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