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Ok... moving on to PSU... what's your predictions


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I believe the ISU game was a very tough lesson for a lot of people/coaches/players...

I just hope we all learned the lesson...

Griz... 31
Vikes... 14
Griz need to win at all costs. Not only for them but for me as my PSU alum wife will be unbearable to live with for the next year.

Griz - 28
Vikes - 17
Griz get it rolling offensively and show at least a little improvement defensively. The turnovers stop and the Griz are MAD!

PSU has a good QB......and some real talent at the skill postions. Griz can NOT lose again....and I'm sure the players and coaches know that. This game should not be close on paper......but they don't hand out trophies on paper so........ I see our Offense going...and going....and going....I think we may have to out score a few teams in the BSC to win if we will not blitz or bring any pressure on the other teams QB.....I think this game may be one of those......we are seeing a complete flip-flop from our O to our D. Our O was consevative....now our D is. What gives?


PSU 31

UM 44
I believe that last weekend was a major wake up call for everybody inGrizdom. Either the Coaches & players get it together this weekend & go onto to HOPEFULLY win the rest of the Games,or everybody will be sitting at home watching the Playoffs. I just HOPE that the Griz win this weekend.The only score that counts is that we are ahead by at least one point at the end of the game.
I actually don't watch 1AA football playoffs if we're not in it. After we got knocked out last year my interest went to the bowl games and pro football. I could give a flying hoot who wins 1AA except us. May the best team win, go at it guys. I may follow a Big Sky team this year if they go far.

Oh Yeah.

Montana 45
PSU 14
Hey rainbow, aren't you the same guy who told us last week how the Griz were gonna sweep the rest of the Big Sky games and make the playoffs once again? You're a band wagon boy, just like I figured! Big talk until the tide changes, then you just hitch a ride and hang on!

PSU exploits our weak pass defense this week, and scores 34 points. However, we FINALLY avoid the turnovers which have plagued us the past two weeks, and put up 45 points for the win. See, I can be positive! I just call it like I see it, instead of with maroon-colored glasses.
I agree with rondo, I think the Griz are going to have a break out game on both sides of the ball. 48-14 with the last score against the 3rd string.
Hey I follow 1AA as close as anyone while the Griz are still in it. Even in '97 when we had an off year.

But if we get knocked out I lose interest. I'm a Griz fan not Western Kentucky or McNeese fan. Why would their game interest me unless we play the winner?

I follow a 1A team too. If the Griz are out, my attention goes to them and my favorite pro team. I won't mention either because they'll probably get bashed.

I stand by my guess above and glad to see AZ positive about this weekend.
PSU will exploit our secondary, however we will be able to get a lot more pressure on their QB. Plus their recievers are not quite as good as ISU's. Our offense will put up plenty of points and will run more than we did against ISU. If we keep the turnovers to a minimum, no more than 1 or 2 max, we will set the tone for this game.

Griz 42
PSU 31
Im going with the "Lollipop Guild" and predicting a Griz win. How it shakes out is unimportant as long as its a win.

Sugar Coaters Unite!

damn sugar coater GGG. The Griz have terrible coaches who don't know nothing about foozball, I hear the most knowledgable football advisors in the world, az and greenacres, are being consulted by the coaches as we speak. They will straighten them out and get the Griz on the right track. So have no fear Griz fans, we are going to save money too, because we will only now need 2 coaches. Of course they can't read defenses to decide which plays to call, but that doesn't matter, they always call the right play for the right situation...
So no more worries Griz fans, the team is in good hands.
Amen Bro!!! Jah any idea why Hogan just didn't hire Az from the start?? With Azs' impressive resume he was crazy to hire Bobby over Az. We are 5-2, could be 7-0......sigh!!!!

Maybe, just maybe, the Griz will lose in the semifinals and Hogan will hire Az next year so we can go undefeated, win every game by 50 points and win the NC. We can hope!!!
The critics are only good after-the-fact. If a running play failed, well of course it was obvious that any smart coach would have passed. If the passing play failed, of course it was obvious that any smart coach would have run. The critics feed their egos with such hindsight. Too bad they aren't on the firing line in real time with thousands of eager critics following their every move so we could all criticize every decision that doesn't work out.

Lets hope the Griz put together as complete a game as we have yet seen with O, D, and Special Teams all performing well against Portland St., and use that as a stepping stone to sweep the remainder of the Big Sky.

the turn overs go the Griz tyhis week, and the DB's will do better - although we may give up a safety or two and we won't stop the run as well, Timmy and Ciche meet the Qb many times

griz - 45

ViQueens - 13

Ohhhh and why am I not critical of the OC this week?

Could it be? because it was a totally different Game- PLAY CALLING WISE?

Last thought ## Rhonda needs a board of his own, where no one disagrees with him and he can Rheign eternal in his little make believe world were he can make judgement calls on everyone, but if anyone else makes a judgement call that Rhonda doesnt agree with he can MURDER them and have them anialated off the board
Hey Chris this guy makes personal attacks on people and many posters have said if someone makes personal attacks they think they should be banned.

By the way I NEVER expect anyone to agree with me. But if someone doesn't agree with you the namecalling and bashing and smack begins. You and AZ are the worse.

All I suggested to Chris is to remind you bashers where the smack board is. Then you can namecall and the other "stink" you spread all you want.