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OK....let's get the predictions rolling this week.


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I am freaking ready for the "Pissy Pesimists" Vs. "The Sugar Coaters" on this one!!!!!! :lol: So take a side, and stand by it next WEEK!

I think I am a moderate...with tendencies toward the "Sugar Coaters"....Although I am about two conference losses from running for the PRESIDENT of the "Pissy Pesimists"! :wink:

Anywho.....It is ISU homecoming, and there will most likely be nearly as many Griz Fans at their homecoming as Bung-hole fans. AND while you want to get down on the booing as being bad support....you can never question or complain about our support by numbers!

I think....hope....and pray that we will open up the AIR "Freakin" Bear this week. ISU has a decent run D...and has been killed through the air a few times this year.....SO maybe we will see Ochs LIGHT THEM up....and I will be so bold as to say, that is exactly what will happen!

I say Ochs goes 23-33 For 337 yards and 3 TDs....Green/ Hilliard go for 150 combined and two scores.......and JH gets 35 on a run himself. And I say all of this happens from the second quarter on......We will struggle in the first quarter, then will open it up.

I say ISU goes up 14 to nothing in the first....forcing us to open it up. Wouldn't that be interesting? But then Ol' Mo comes to party with the Griz as the O goes nuts, and the D gets into the act to with a Brent Meyers fumble recovery going for a TD!!!

And the pissy pesimists will conveniently find something else to do until we have another tuff game! :wink:

ISU 17

Da Griz 45
Geaux, you are definitely not a pesimist!!!!! 45-17???? :eek:
I hope you're right. I honestly don't know what's going to happen in this game. I am quite nervous about it though. I have not seen enough committment to opening up this offense to think that it's going to magically happen in this game. I'll go with 24-19 GRIZ.
This will be the week we pass more but the Defense is still our strongest suit, although ISU will exploit weakness in our DB's. They won't run the ball well and that will help our pass defense.

Montana 28
ISU 21
On October 11, 1997 we played at ISU at 2:05 PM for their homecoming and won 48-0

On October 30, 1999 we played at ISU (not homecoming) and won 72-23

On November 3, 2001 (again not homecoming) we played at ISU and won 32-28

We are all time 33-12 against ISU home an away

Based upon the average of these scores I predict

46 - 16 Griz

(Dontcha just love science??)

Griz 27 - 24.....we will still run a lot but play selection will be better in the red zone! (nothing wrong with running the ball (intelegent plays) as long as you get 1st downs!)

ISU will score a garbage time TD to make it this close.
Hmmm, let's see here. The Griz will play a sound game this weekend. Sound as in they won't have the turnovers they did against Weber. Sound as in fewer penalty yards than they usually make.

As for the players. Ochs will pass for 219 yards and two TDs this Saturday.

As for those 219 yards Ochs will get credited for: 106 of those will be caught by Talmage (sp?), giving him 106 recieving yards on the day.

Another 58 yards through the air will come from one of our back up QBs... Who's it going to be? I think it will be a run oriented QB :wink: .

And now it's time for our ground game. Green is going to run for 109 yards and one TD (on a 12 yard run) this Saturday, backed up with Hilliard going for another 90 yards and a TD (on a 4 yard run).

Now for Special teams and the Defense. One fumble recovery, 4 sacks, no interceptions, 8 punt returns, 8 tackles for a loss (not including the sacks), and one field goal.

Montana 31
ISU 20 (Two TDs and two field goals)[/b]
Okay... how about GRIZ 48 - ISU 6 (2 field goals) Our db's are stronger than people think and our offense will really dominate this weekend. Oh... there will be 9 penalties against ISU and 4 against the Griz. At the beginning of the 4th qtr only Griz fans will have remained in their seats and atleast one ISU coach will have had a flag against him and another ISU player kicked out of the game.
A little early for predictions I think... but hell, ITS NOT LIKE I HAVE WORK TO DO!! :lol:

I fired up the ol' PS2 last night and played the Bung-Holes at Holt Arena.

I was fighting an uphill battle all night. Down 28-14 at the start of the fourth, LV ran a punt back for a TD, putting me within 7.

A tough defensive struggle ensued, with my DB's getting burned on short passes going for 10-15. I finally switched into my Nickel package and started blitzing. Worked like a charm... three sacks in a row, forcing them to punt once again.

1 Minute to go... Im on the forty yard line. One deep pass to Talmage, I'm in the red zone.. 45 seconds. Counter Trap... I bust a run for 15 yards, sitting at the three yard line. QB Draw.. touchdown MONTANA!

Now, being Bobby, do I go for the tie? or go for the win? WIN I say! Line up in the Strong I formation and have my Fullback blast a huge hole for the Tailback to run through... 36-35... Good Guys. 13 Seconds left...

After the game I was told that I had added THE BEST GAME EVER to my EA Sports Bio (WTF?) :-?

Some things I noticed on the virtual game.
The Run didn't work to swell, but I fooled 'em a few times with the option and counters... Straight Dives Sucked.
Short passes / Screens gained me the best yards.
The nickel package worked best against ISU's passing game.
I had two fumbles and one INT..

Hope that the real thing isn't this close...

My Call...
Griz 38
ISU 28
Unless the OC allows Ochs to throw more vertical passes rather than the horizontal to the sideline passes, it is going to be a very long day for the Griz. If the Griz play (meaning playcalling from OC) like they did against Weber, the Griz will lose....

Somehow, with a QB who is still not 100% but getting better each week and a Defensive Backfield that is like a sieve, the Griz need to find a way. The rest of the BSC games (except maybe PSU here) are going to be VERY VERY tough unless the offense opens up and uses all the weapons available and the DBs find some way to stop the long passes.

Griz.... 21
ISU..... 19
Since I have to predict the score with my head, rather than my heart, i'll take a shot at it. I have not seen ISU play. They have played a weak schedule, got blown apart by a very good Boise team, and have had some internal turmoil.

However, they are playing at home, which the bookies claim is worth 7 points when setting a betting line. I have two thought about the possible outcome of the game.

First, if the GRIZ pass the ball 32 times or more, I think we win the game in a very close one....perhaps 24-21, or such.

However, if we run the ball on 1st and 2nd down against ISU, similar to the play-calling against WSU, then we lose the game. The outcome of this game rests with the offensive production. Our defense can't be expected to continue to hold good teams under 20 points each game. We've got to score at lea st 25-30 points to have a good shot at winning this week.
Griz 42

Bungles 10

Bungles find out what real Montana football is like. Not the kitty-litter they played last week. Ochs is feeling more confident. throws for 322 and 3 TDs. Defence gives up a late meaningless TD but otherwise DOMINATES again. :evil:
Griz secondary steps it up and keeps ISU to under 150 in the air, on the ground same old same old, nearly nothing. Our passing game takes a step up and Ochs goes 25 - 35 for 295 yds. Rushing continues to show signs of life and round up 160yds.

Final Score:

Good Guys - 31

Other Guys - 17
ISU is allowing an average of 38.5 points per game. I think Oches is getting better every game. With the help of special teams who I think will have a field day, we will score at that average.

Our D is obvioulsy among the best in 1-AA. We are somewhat vulnerable in the secondary. However, in the last game we were (Bush) putting a lot of preasure on the QB. Our run D is awsome. If we can keep them in front of us...no big plays over the top...we should be able to hold them under 20 points.

I'll go with my gut instinct (despite my hatred for both teams). I think ISU has too much offense (especially at their place) to outscore the Gizz (especially if the Gizz stick with ground hog running game).

ISU 38 GIZZ 24

A loss here and a sure loss to the Bobcats just might as well put the Griz out of contention for the Big Sky Championship.