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Ok...Kelly offerings


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I loved the O that GVS ran, and I liked the D even better!

They do run the option though. I have heard it called the scat back option. The QB checks the D at the line and calls which side the scat back should line up on, then he has the option of hand the ball to the scat back or faking the hand off and throwing.

Another option out of that Offense, which GVS never used, Is that the QB keeps the ball and follows the RB through the hole. The LB has to step up and tackle the RB leaving room for the QB. This is the same offense that CSU runs. Or at least they did the last time I watched them. It is very effective with the right QB at the helm.

The D was good, and they like to bring pressure with many zone blitz packages. I really like that. They did get beat around the corner on a few run plays. No outside containment....which is a fundemental.

The thing that I noticed is that GVS just flat out had way more studs in the stable then the other team. A lot of that talent was not recruited. It was Div. 1 transfers. GSV just had the "luck" of being the school that these kids picked. Thier D started six transfers.

The other concern I would have is this.....At D-1aa, can you throw that many screens and get away with it? The reason I bring this up is two fold....first, that is the main course that Kelly will bring the offense. Second, because there is too much speed at this level. You have D linemen that will run down a WR screen before it goes anywhere. You also have CB that can muscle through a WR blocking and blow up the screen.

The things I would be real excited to see if Kelly was hired.....Our RBs are a perfect fit for that offense. They would put up big numbers. Especially Gober, with his lateral movement....but Waller and his speed would do amazing too. And who knows what the red shirt might do....

Also, how many YAC would LV, JH, and Adkins have in an O like that? With Talmage making some big blocks on the DBs....they would have monster games! :lol:

Well we shall wait to see what happens!
I have the same concern with the screens working with the faster speed of opponents LBs and DBs.
Plus, we are going to have Ochs or Disney at QB. One problem with screens this year was that Edwards didn't get the ball to the receiver accurately and fast enough and receiver often tackled soon as ball reached him. Ochs' arm is much better. He will get the ball to the receiver quicker and more accurately.

As for this offense being the right one for Gober and Waller, will have to wait and see. Gober and Waller spent to much time behind the offensive line prancing and dancing instead of just going full tilt to get thru the hole. Occassionally, Oline held long enough for them to get through for good gains. Concerned about our O Line pulling. The one Offensive lineman that was good at it was Pelc. Once he went down, it didn't take long for our running game to dissappear.

But the passing game is so close to Don Read's that I think Ochs and Disney will have quite a few yards passing. It will be mostly passing with a few running plays. That is what Hogan wants. It is the West Coast Offense or a form of it. That is the ticket.
I don't think Kelly throws as many screens as you guys might think. They showed a highlight tape of the Northern Colorado game just before the start of the game yesterday. I'll bet you guys were watching the 1AA games which meant ZERO to US. Well, they highlighted all 4 TD passes ANES threw against N. Colorado. Each one was a down field pass not one TD was a screen pass.

He threw lot's of screens against the Valdosta Defense because HELL they were working! I'll bet the screens went for 250 yards and we know they got 3 TD's off them. He found a weakness and exploited it. This is a BAD thing?????
Not to bring up a sore subject but lets look at the McNeese/Griz game one more time. As fast as their defense was I believe the screen package Grand Valley State used yesterday would have been huge in that game. It would of forced McNeese to limit their blitzes and opened up the running game for Waller. Consider the fact Ochs has had medical problems the last 2 years at CU, a good screen game might be healthy and just what the doctor ordered. Of course I may be full of crap! :-?