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OK....Here we go (Maine Predictions)


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I usually like to wait until mid week to start making predictions....but I will be traveling to Maine this mid week, and I am interested how the rest of y'all feel.

I think this will be more of a defensive match up. The Black hole VS. The Maroon Maul. Maine has a great running back, but a freshman QB. I would bet you will see 7 or 8 in the box most of the night. So the question will be if their WRs and Fr QB can take advantage. From the practices I was able to see the last two weeks, I would not think so....I think our DBs are going to be outstanding. The only way I would see them moving the ball at all is via the big play. If the RB can get past the line he could go big.......will that happen? Maybe one time.

For the Griz to be able to move the ball....we will need more than 3 yards a pop on the ground, and consistancy from the QB. That is the one thing I noticed about Diz, he can throw 5 awesome passes and then have 5 "what the Hell was that" passes. I think he will be ready, and I think we have an advantage with our WRs going against their banged up secondary. I am excited to see Green and Waller run the ball behind that line too.

It is real tempting to pick the score as 10-9 Maine.....in the vain of the Hofstra game that marked the beging of our last new coach......hoping of course that we would go on to win the next 15 straight! :wink:

However, I have a better feeling about our offensive coach this year than the Ron Richards debauchery. And I think I could coach the D and do well.....so, having noted all the above:

Maine 13

Da Griz 31
My predictions are going to be a bit different this year. I'm going to play each opponent on my PS2 and let that score be my prediction. (Silly way to do it, but it'll be fun, and the scores will be rediculously high). So look for the Griz to beat Maine by like 63-7 or something like that. My game prediction will be in before Wednesday.
I will predicat a 31-10 victory. I think their frosh QB has a rude awakening ahead of him and I don't think they will be able to run up the middle against our interior defense. Our depth at D line will wear on them in the second half.

Offensively, I have to think we will struggle some due to the new system and QB. However, too many players with too much talent not to get it int he end zone. I also predict a kick return for TD. Curious, has Hilliard passed Turrill or has Waller and Green both fallen in the eyes of the coaches. I know he is good, but am still suprised by his emergence this year. I wonder if it has something to do with school as well.

Friday seems like a month away.
Grizzlies will score 5 Touchdowns - 2 Field Goals - 1 Safety for 43 points

Black Bears will get 1 Touchdown 1 Filed Goal for 10 points

More predictions
100,000 Thousand Montanans Yelling at their TV's
(50,000 listening to the radio guys instead of the TV play by play)

10,000 Bottles of Moose Drool consumed during the game

At least one headline in one paper covering the game on Sunday will include the word Disneyland

Post game postings to message boards will include the statements:
"classy fans from Maine" "classy fans from Missoula"
Well, can't go against the team, so I will predict a Griz win.
Score: What does it matter whether it is by 1 point or 50 points. Griz will still win, so I am not going to give the score. Especially since there isn't any money involved.

No way will this be like Joe Glenn's first game against Hofstra. Complete different situation when it comes to the assistant coaches. No offense to Joe, but Hauck at least hired a better offensive Coordinator than Joe did. Heck, Joe's offensive coordinator that he hired initially was so bad that I forgot his name and I do not want to remember him. Actually, his replacement wasn't that much better.
Well considering it's the first game the defenses will dominate and the offenses will struggle.

So our offense which will average over 40 points a game this year will not get 40. And our Defense will hold Maine and their Frosh QB well under what they will average this year.

Montana 27

Maine 10
As secretive as Bobbys been about whats going on with the team..I think he will unleash an air assault that hasnt been seen since the Read era. I think we will be up by 30 at half. Due to the quarterback situation we will run the ball most of the 2nd half. Hopefully wont burn Hartmans red shirt for mop uo duty. Final 43-13 Griz
Some of you guys need a REALITY CHECK. If you think you're going to score 40 points on Maine's defense in Orono, you're crazy. Also, don't think Montana will win by 3 or 4 TDs. Maine might be breaking in a new QB, but they're not the sisters of the poor.

I'll be a homer too and say.....Maine 21 Montana 17.
Griz 33; Maine 10

I don't pick this score out of any sort of disrespect for Maine, Jeff. But simply speaking, you ain't seen nothing like what we're bringin' :D

Might just be the pent up enthusiasm for the season to start so that the Griz fans can get a look of things under the new regime. Every team and its fans probably start the season with somewhat unrealistic visions.
I close my eyes and I see the Griz scoring 4 TD'S and 1 field goal.

I see Maine getting 2 TD's but they will try for 2 points on their second conversion and will not make it.

Griz 31
Main 13

My wife heard on CNN this morning that Montana is getting some fire fighters from Maine.....are these fire fighters or scouts for Griz practices?....(just kidding about the scouts...thanks for the fire fighters!)
Please forgive me for speaking against some of you, but I have a feeling we are basing some of our predictions on over confidence and almost arrogance. I hope the Griz coaches and players have more respect than we do. Maine has proven in the past they are a contender. They have also had some bad luck with injuries and/or disqualified players, but I still believe this will be a game for 3 quarters with the Griz winning the 4th due to our depth. I am jealous of those who get to go to Maine. Cheer loud for the rest of us.
Botta Bing...Botta Bam! I got kicked around pretty good last week with my 25 pt. prediction..looks like I'm bringing some friends into the light.

GRIZ by 25 plus. (no doubt)

Cats will loose but I'd like to see them win it. Gives props to the BSC and 1-AA.

Hofstra will loose but I would love to see them kick the snot out of "lord gawd Marshall".

See you at the Swinging Doors Spokane! I'll be the guy who poundin swill and pumpin my fist! :drinking:
I'm taking this score based just on my gut feeling.
3 TD's, 3 PAT's, and one touchback for 2,
for a score of

Griz 23


3 touchdowns, 2 PAT's,

Bears 20
I'm with NativeGriz on this. Most of you don't realize that Maine is consistently a VERY good football team. They finished the season last year ranked higher than the GRIZ. They've won their very tough conference the last two years and didn't lose many players. Their coach is battle tested and playing at home. I NEVER go against the GRIZ, but I think it should be close. If the players are as over-confident as most of the posters, we will lose. MONTANA 33 MAINE 31
Griz - W
Maine- L

That is about all I can come up with. I've posted a guess score somewhere in here but surely my guess would change.
I do think it will be a close one. If there is more than a 2 TD differencial I'll be surprised.

Ok, ok, Here is a shot in the dark.

Griz: 31
BBears: 24
I confess I don't know a whole lot about the Maine team (just what I read here from MaineJeff and on the AnyGivenSaturday board) but I just can't believe that they will be able to move the ball a whole lot against our D. I would really like to predict a shutout but I won't.

Maine will earn 1 TD and get lucky on another one (maybe defensive or a long pass and broken coverage). That said here is my final score.

Montana - 31
Maine - 14

Now for my complete off the wall prediction... the score will be 17-0 before Maine even crosses the 50 yard line.

No disrespect to you MaineJeff but I just think the Griz are that good. I would expect you to feel the same way for your team.
62GRIZ and JahGriz, I'm agreeing with you. I certainly hope UM wins and think they will, but I think a lot of people are being way too optimistic and (dare I say it?) arrogant. The Griz have an unproven coaching staff and a QB who has never taken a snap in a Div. I game. To be honest, I think Disney is going to be great, but, at this point, we really do not know. And, given all of those unknowns, to assume we'll beat Maine by three or four touchdowns, on their field, is playing with fire, IMHO.