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OH NO!!!


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Ciche done for the year????? Say it ain't so. That means that our best two D guys are now gone for the year! Without Varona and Picher.......and the D is still good?????? Can you picture the D with those two this year?

But.....here is the silver lining to the story. Both will have an extra year which means that they will both be here for the two years with the new QB Ochs! I'm still very exicited for this season....and I still like our chances........but I am really stoked for the next two years! :wink:
Geaux, it sucks that we are couple of men down, but I think we have the depth to hold our own. Maybe folks like Bush will get all the respect they deserve. Man he is one bad hombre. Either way we have a tough game ahead of us. There will have to be some fellas that step up and deliver. We will give the Vandals all they can handle. Bring it on!!!
Let's not forget about Colter being banged up and missing time also this year. That's three out that would make out D that much better and deeper.
Let's hope Lance is up to the challenge. A guy here at work is a good friend with him and talked with him last night and said he is really pumped. He knows he has big shoes to fill but is looking forward to it. I asked him if Lance had said anything about his back (the paper said he may have injured it at Hofstra) but he said he didn't mention being hurt at all. I hope he does well--what a game to show your stuff!!
Go get 'em Griz!!