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Offense Question....


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What offense do the Griz run? Are they coming out of a pro-set? There has been much debate on the NDSU boards about what offense will work in DIAA football. In the past, most of NDSU's success came with running the veer and the option. Many feel that the veer is not viable in D1AA however, given the past with the veer there are also a lot of people pushing for hiring a new coach with some ties to the past teams that ran the veer (thinking that going back to the veer would create more success). Complicating the AD's selection of a new coach is the fact that a former head coach that ran the veer for NDSU and won the national title with the veer has applied for the job.

My assumption is that the Griz and most the successful D1AA teams pass a lot and tend to through out of the pocket. Given the types of players that can be recruited as a D1AA program I would guess that the passing teams would fair the best. What type of offense did the Griz look for in selecting thier new coach this year?
My feelings on this probably differ from other people on this board but I will chip in my two cents. I feel that any offense will work well if your team can execute it. Also an important factor is having your coaches be able to view the other teams tapes and set up a good game plan and implement plays that will take advantage of other teams weaknesses.

In the past we have had a very good passing attack and we made it work because we were able to execute it very well. Georgia Southern has an excellent running game that they execute very well. Two 1-AA powerhouses that run very different offenses.

This past season we had an amazing game against Southern Utah. We won 68-45 (looks like a basketball score but it was a football game), our passing attack was better than their running attack but their running game still put up 45 points against our very good defense.

I wouldn't be too concerned about what type of offense you run as long as your coach knows it inside and out and he has the right type of players to run his offense. If you guys start out with a veer offense of any other kind of offense when you start play in 1-AA and are losing games I wouldn't look to change the offense as the first fix, I would look at recruiting the right players to run that offense.

This is all personal opinion, take it for what it is worth... nothing.
GSU runs the option. Out of a form of the flex. I swear that they only have around 15 plays. But they can run option right...option left all day because they have a stable full of studs.(I know the GSU fans think they have the most complex O in the history of football...)

Next year I have a feeling we will be playing pitch and catch A LOT! I think that with the current personel we will see mostly the one back three receiver look. But we also have the players to go power I if they want.

The new O coordinator ran "his" O at Cal. St. Northridge. And from what I remember...they ran 4 receivers most the time...and some 5 receiver stuff...and the no huddle quite a bit.....but I think we will have to wait til spring ball to see. :lol:
I kinda have a fondness for the Triple Option. :D

Honestly, our offense is basically set-up as a 4 wideout passing offense, but instead of having 2 slot receivers we bring them up and in and turn them into slotbacks and run run run.

Bison fans, keep a close eye on the type of coach your AD recruits. The most successful coaches are the ones who have a system and recruit the players to fit that system. Too many coaches tend to recruit the 'best' players only then develop a system. It doesn't mattter if it is run oriented or pass oriented, but make sure he has a system he will stick to.

BTW, Geaux, anyone who follows GSU football knows our offense is not complex. Under PJ, 15 plays would have been very generous. Not so much now.
I agree with cadwiz(ard). Offence is a game of excecution. If that is done and as long as the play calling isn't just a throw of the dice, the offence can move the ball. Unlesss Griz are on "D". They your team will be f*'ed anyway. :D
It's no secret what kind of offence the Griz have run the last few years, and I doubt it will change too much, in general terms. Specifics will probably be more different. Hard to say with a new coach.
When we had Cockhill and Glen, the offense was extremely complicated. Overly so. So much so that confusion sometimes set in. From what I've heard about the new offence, it won't be nearly as complex, but will concentrate more on excection (kudo's cadwiz). Thats not to say the offence will be simplistic. But shouldn't be overly complicated. Anyone else hear how the new offence is materializing. Pretty early yet to know much, I guess.
what i find interesting is that it is said that the cockhill O was complicated. I don't think a half-dozen plays were all that varied.
Many of the run plays were so similar that they were easy to defend, and the pass plays were also quite similar.
Perhaps the only ones the offense was complicated to were the coaches. Certainly the opposing D's(of good teams) didn't have much trouble figuring it out.
Thanks Jah, I can't wait to see how tuned up Hauck gets the boys. I think we are going to be cranking all 12 cylinders. I think with Hauck having tighter reigns on the boys they will execute much better than last years team. Damn, I am so fired up, I want to strap on a helmet and some shoulder pads and go out and hit someone.
Damn, I am so fired up, I want to strap on a helmet and some shoulder pads and go out and hit someone.

Cad...Do it. I'll film ya. Just like the ESPN commercial during the Super Bowl.
Jah, you will have to refresh my memory, the only ESPN commercial that I remember during the Super Bowl was the one that Monte was in (good thing that aired in the 1st quarter). I don't remember a whole lot after that, it is all kinda blurry.

I have seen those home videos of people coming out of the stands or off the sidelines and drilling some guy running for a score. That would be really bushleague but it would be one hell of a hit to just hop the rail and drill some guy in the ear hole as he is looking the other way over his shoulder. That would have to be "Hit of the Week"!

Don't get me wrong, I would never do that, but sitting in the front row sure makes you feel like you are right there in the action. So if you ever do see me out there on the field its because GrizAddicted pushed me over the rail not because I want to spend the night in jail.
NDSU will have a major advantage if it sticks to the passing attack. Playing in the Dome a speed oriented team is the way to go. The team I saw last year just didn't have a real playmaker (maybe due to injuries) or a great deal of speed.
Oh man, he totally drilled that guy playing solitare. We used to call that kind of a hit a slobstopper, those are the kind of hits you just dream about.
That's right.. it was the Reebok commercial. Apparently, things were a little fuzzy for me too. Had to drink enough beer to make it seem like the super bowl was exciting.
That commercial was some funny sh*t.
Oh ya. Where I come from that hit would be called a Snot-Knocker.