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Offense needs to have an Identity...


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Now that we've seen all potential QB's in action this year, and then some... I'd say Ochs is the guy. I echo all your positive thoughts on his poise, ability to look at ALL receivers, make a long bomb, or feather a light touch in... it was truly wonderful to watch.

Now what we need is for the offense to have some kind of Identity. By that I mean no more questions about whats coming. Lets become a strong passing offense, no questions asked. We can obviously move the ball from the air. Now lets get creative on the Play Calling side of things.

I hope that Phenice/Hauck can get on the same page and start letting this offense do what its supposed to do with its talent... Air it Out!
I agree GGG, thanks for the tape by the way, and I think that is what we will see in the upcoming games. I believe once Ochs gets more healthy and mobile, us pass fanantics will be more than happy with the play calling. I think up till now they worked with what they had. After this weekends game I can't imagine anything but some huge offensive passing games coming our way, sprinkled with just enough of the running game to keep the DC of the other teams confused, and the W in our column. :D things are looking good.
I would expect it to still take a few weeks until we see all of our "air attack". I expect that the offense will build slowly in that direction a little more each week until Ochs is completely healthy. The healthier Ochs is, the more we throw.

I would also expect to see a lot of rushing attempts and still a little quarterback shuffeling as the coaching staff tries to protect Ochs from injury when possible, especially if/when we get ahead by a few scores. (Just as long as they don't forget what happened with NDSU!)

My bet is that we keep playing it on the conservative side until the Northen Arizona game. Then it's "petal to the metal" so to speak!
My guess is Ochs plays at least half the game vs. Weber this coming week.

Then in two weeks vs. Idaho State we need him in there for the majority of the snaps. Don't forget as good as NAU is looking we will still be challenged big time by that ISU team at their house.
I was most pleased with what I saw of Ochs ... after the first two series he was in, during which he did nada. Anyway, I was one of those people who really withheld an opinion of him, in part because I'd never seen him in game action and in part because I didn't want to put this huge savior burden on him.

Now, as some others have intimated, I want to the coaches to NOT always call hand-offs to Justin Green on the first two downs, so we are left with third and long every time. I am so sick of that scenario. Hartman (and Disney, so far has that goes) has never been given a chance to prove what he may or may not be able to do, because he has always had to deal with that situation. I'm pretty certain he could successfully throw the ball on first down, on occasion, but he's never had the opportunity.

I am very glad we won yesterday, and, in my opinion, Cal Poly was a much tougher team than Idaho. However, the time is now for the Griz to move on and move up. Let's pick a QB and an RB and the best o-line and d-line, and keep them on the field until there's some very good reason to take them off!!
68 Griz, I have no problem with Green and Hilliard splitting time, and I think that the DLine rotation is something that is and will be needed all season.
As the fellow who sits next to me in WGS says, "If Tim Bush is going to be a Buchanan candidate, then he needs to be in there on every defensive play. If not, he doesn't deserve to be on the Buchanan watch list." I'm afraid I have to agree. You put the best you have on the field all the time -- not just part of the game -- or I'm not sure you deserve to win in the first place. Of course, some situational substitutions are always going to be needed, but not this wholesale substitution process we're seeing this season. No one ever has a chance to establish a rhythm.
I'm with 68griz on this one. I can see splitting time with the d-tackles because their is no dropoff. I can also possibly see Bush taking a few snaps off in the first half. But why in the hell would you have Tim Bush and Vernon Smith taking possessions off in the second half of a tight game. I'm with Hauck on everything except this one. I understand the need to develop depth, but I think we've gone overboard. I have to believe it is frustrating for some of the players as well. I'm going to assume that once conference starts (next week), this will subside a little as well. Let's hope so.

Also, why on third and whatever would you have Talmage out and Justin Green lined up at receiver? Is this supposed to be tricky? What I saw was the QB have to run for his life because Green didn't come back to the ball and try and make a play. if Talmage is in, that might be a completion and not a sack. And that was with about five minutes left. Is Talmage just in the worst shape of his life? At least put a receiver in there, having Green wide is just wacko. That play could have cost the game, you never know how things work out. And yes, running every time on first down I think puts our QB's in a worse position. Let them play, they were recruited to do that. Had to get all that off my chest. Thanks for listening.