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O.K. tickets are here but......


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After great anticipaton our tickets for the new NEZ seating have arrived. But... looking at the little picture of the stadium on the back of the tickets which has the seat charting far as the section numbers go, I noticed there was no such numbered section that matched our tickets. That was section 229A, in fact there are no sectons in the entire stadium that is in the 200s. Anyone have an idea as to where this section could be or where to find out I would greatly appreciate it. The clock is ticking and I,m begining to hear the dull roar of crazed GRIZ FANS! How Sweet it is! :D

229A would be 129A on the map on the back. We're in the upper deck! Welcome to the neighborhood. 229A, row 17, seat 1-8 here. Where are yours?

My only complaint is that I had requested the seats be blocked in two rows, 4 each row, so that everyone could talk. As it is now, the two people on the ends are in different zip codes.

Only 12 days till NDSU! These seats are awesome! 8)
Well you both got off lucky. THey moved our season tickets that we have had for 5 years now. We got moved three rows back it sucks in my opinion. Plus they never even called to tell us or anything. THey just sent out the tickets.
BG, glad to have you as neighbors! These are going to be great seats! 8)

So did you grow up in Whitefish or are you a transplant? I was born and raise on a potato farm 7 miles north of Kalispell on Hwy. 93, and our friends who share the seats with us live in Kalispell.

11 days and counting.
Yep! I'm home grown in Whitefish. A Montana Redbelly, we're a vanishing breed you know. :lol: Will be great to meet ya sometime at the game.

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