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Not one 3 and out today!


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Now what are you all going to bitch about. It was a brilliantly called game, not one 3 and out the entire game.

That is unheard of!
Despite the low score.... could not agree more... a brilliantly called offensive game. Execution was overall pretty good but not yet brilliant. Would call execution semi-gloss.
Agreed, the turnovers cost us a minimum 14 points, making it a possible 26-7 final. And up to 28 points which would have made it a 40-7 final. As the radio guys said, we completely dominated this game and the final score is not an indication of the way the Griz dominated.

The OC is not to blame this week, he did a great job and we should have had at least 28-40 points and 420-450 yards. Execution and fumbles put the game jeopardy.
yahhh, i guess moving the ball in the red zone is of no CONCERN?

We play this poorly in the rest of the Conf, we can vie for bottom feed with the kitties
You are one of the worst fans because no matter how the team does you find something negative about the win.

Nobodys perfect except you of course.
You know, I wish Ochs would throw to Talmage on every single play. Why you ask, so everyone around me in the NEZ would quit yelling "Throw the ball to Talmage" the entire game. And the play calling was awful, I mean Green averaged nearly 6 yards per carry.
You sugar-coaters wouldn't know good play calling from a knitting convention! This was a new low in GRIZ football! NO TOUCHDOWNS against a team that got lit-up for 48 points last week by NAU! These guys have the worst defensive backs in the frickin Big Sky. So, what does our brilliant OC do? He decides to RUN the ball all game long!!@! Get a grip on reality!

If Don Read, Mick Dennehy, or Joe Glenn would have run an offense with these same players, we'd have scored 50 against this pathetic Weber bunch! Get your head outta your arses!

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