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Not Griz related but tragedy in Legion baseball


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FYI. This is very sad. JK
Batted ball kills Miles City Legion player

By Tribune Staff and wire reports


HELENA -- A Miles City baseball player died early Saturday morning from injuries he received the night before in an American Legion game at Kindrick Legion Field.

Brandon Patch, a pitcher for the Miles City Mavericks, was hit in the head by a batted ball in the fifth inning of a game against the Helena Senators.

Patch was motionless on the ground for 20 to 30 minutes before being taken to a hospital. Later in the evening, he was flown to Great Falls and put on life support.

Patch died early Saturday morning, a spokeswoman for Benefis Healthcare said.

"It's one of those things that make the game meaningless," said Helena coach Dave Thennis.

The Senators won the game 9-3. A game scheduled for Saturday between the two teams was canceled.

Patch, 18, was a 6-foot, 220-pounder who also played defendive end for the Custer County Cowboys football team. He graduated from high school in May.

"Brandon was a good football player, but he was a lot better baseball player," said Miles City businessman Kelly Reid, whose daughter was a close friend of Patch.

"He lived for baseball. He didn't have definite college plans but he thought about pitching for the college team (Miles Community College). I think what he really wanted to do was become a highway patrolman.

The Mavericks had one more Eastern Conference game scheduled for Sunday night against the Billings Scarlets, but Reid said he thought that game would be canceled.

"It's a sad deal," said Reid. "Something like this hits everybody real hard."

Services have been set for 11 a.m. Tuesday at the town's Denton Baseball Field under direction of Stevenson and Sons Funeral Home.

Ironically, Patch is the second Legion baseball player to die in a tragic accident at the Helena ballpark. Back in 1950, a second baseman for the Anaconda Legion teamwas struck by lightning and died. The entire Helena team attended the funeral the next week in Anaconda.

If a ball hits you in the head, does it really matter if the bat is metal or wood?
TrueGriz: I think his point was that metal bats are notorious for increasing the velocity of a hit ball, in relation to a wooden bat. The ball seems to jump off a metal bat, and travels further and faster.
crunch you are right the ball jumps off a metal bat with more velocity then a wood bat.So tournaments are starting to use wood bats like the don olson in great falls.
Here in Minnesota town baseball is very big. All of the town leagues have moved back to wooden bats because of the velocity dangers associated with the metal ones.
Colleges are also using metal bats with reduced velocity. The technology is there, but doesn't seem to be very popular.