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Northridge game


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When is Criswell going to start shooting and scoring?? He has been in a slump for too long and it hurt us last night. Along with turnovers (again) and foul trouble (again). Hopefully this team can pull it together before conference play because we have a lot of talent. Did Booker have turnover trouble at his JC?
Its not so much that Criswell is in a slump. Its more that teams are keying on him a lot because he had such a good season last year. He's not getting as many good looks from 3 because teams are guarding him tighter.

Turnovers are a big problem right now. Its practically impossible to win when you turn the ball over 25 times.

Kennedy said after the game that they played 25 minutes of good basketball and 15 minutes of the worst basketball he's seen since he's been here. That's saying a lot because they had some pretty bad games last year. Hopefully they can play better on Saturday.
Three off shooting games is not that big of a deal for Criswell. I wouldn't overreact. He is still playing well however, as he is taking much of the defenses attention while garnering 11 rebounds and 7 assists. That is impressive.
I posted after the exhibition game that (like all good outside shooters) Criswell is streaky, and the Griz will need to find someone else to score on those off nights. That being said, his shooting didn't lose the game, gifts in the form of fouls (sounds like the officiating was terrible, but still, you have to deal with it) and turnovers, 2 problems we have had this season. Also, I think anytime Criswell is the leading rebounder we are gonna have a tough time winning - it means our inside game isn't working well.

I hate to say it, but this loss hurts. We were starting to pull away in teh 2nd 1/2 until we gave it away. Also, this game was our best opportunity for a non-conf road win. we will likely start the BSC season on the road @ EWU without a road win unless we steal one. That's not a slam on this team, but winning at Auburn, SIU, UNLV or Gonzaga is not going to be easy. Now we have to win all our home games, and try to get this one back on the road (maybe UNLV) to go into conference with confidence.
In his post game radio interview, Kennedy said that we had a hard time going inside because of their zone defense. Criswell gets a lot of long rebounds every game. But aparently yesterday there wasn't really anyone inside to get them. Part of the problem was that both Seyfert and Davis were on the bench much of the game with foul problems. It seems like whenever we're on the road we have foul problems but we haven't really had any at home.
I forgot to mention before that we're playing Northridge again at home on Dec 27. It should be a good indicator of improvement.
grizgirl317 said:
I forgot to mention before that we're playing Northridge again at home on Dec 27. It should be a good indicator of improvement.

Good point. Does anyone know if any of the BSC teams use a trapping scheme like Northridge. After this game I'll bet we see a lot of zone.
We probably will see more zone because they were having very little success containing us using man to man. But I'm sure Coach Kennedy will have the guys work on offense against a zone defense and hopefully they will get better. They had 2 big problems against the zone. One was not being able to get the ball inside to the big guys and the other was that the zone defense forced a lot of turnovers. A lot of the turnovers weren't caused by sloppy play but rather by guys getting the ball stripped trying to go inside and getting it stolen outside. Over half of our turnovers were from Northridge steals.

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