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Some of the college preview rags are starting to pop up on magazine stands now and I see in Street & Smiths preview they have Northeastern as the preseason #1. Don't have any idea where they're from but they were in the playoffs last year and I still don't remember them. I don't believe S&S compares to the AP, ESPN and coaches polls but it was an interesting preseason Top 25. They had 3 BSC teams listed. Griz were in at #4, ISU #7, and Kitties back at #17. As far as other teams Griz are acquainted with I believe McNeese was #2 and GSU I think was #6. I don't know if or when the other polls start coming out, but will be interesting to see how they compare to S&S.

Bobcat joke of the day:

A Griz fan and Bobcat fan both enter double occupancy outhouse to answer natures call. After finishing his deed, the Griz fan pulls up his britches and as he does a $5 bill slips from his pocket and falls down into the hole. The Bobcat fan also finishes with his deed and pulls up his britches. The Bobcat fan suddenly notices the $5 bill down in the hole. The Griz fan is taken aback when the Bobcat fan pulls out a $100 bill and drops it into the hole. The Griz fan asks the Bobcat fan what he did that for, to which the Bobcat fan replies, "I'm going down there to get that $5 bill so I've got to make it worth it!" :puke:
The capitol of Hill Co! I'm on the property inventory lists of 15 West and the Golden Spike since I'm a happy hour regular there. Stop in, you may run into me. :drinking:
Obviously S&S does not have a 1AA only writer, because anyone in their right mind, wouldn't put Northeastern as a preseason #1. Either GSU, Montana, or McNeese should be #1.
Tony Moss indeed paints quite a bit different picture than S&S:

#1 GSU
#2 W. Ill.
#3 McNeese
#4 Montana
Other familiar foes: #6 Delaware, #7 KITTY CAT ST???, #9 Furman, #13 Nichols State, #14 App. St., #19 IDAHO ST., #21 Hofstra, #22 E. WASH, #25 Youngstown St., ***#26 MAINE***, #28 E. Kentucky, #29 S.F. Austin, #32 Northwestern St., and last but not least, #38 N. Iowa.

And yes, the polls truly are meaningless. I don't remember W. Kentucky making a blip on my radar screen at the beginning of last season.
Check the link to Moss. Griz at 4 Cats at 7. Little too high for us at this time, but time will tell. See ya in November. Hopefully it will be for the Conference Championship.

Thanks for the link Canyon.

Yep, you can bet the Griz will show up in Bozeman next November, and how sweet would that be if the outcome was for the Big Sky Championship? :lol:

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