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No game....so Testical Festival!!!!!!!!


Staff member
The board is sort of slow today, I hope nobody minds a non-football topic. Anybody going to the Testical Festival? Since there is no game this will be a two day event for me. :D
Aaaah, the grand daddy of 'saggy boob' sightings...

For those unfamiliar with the Testicle Festival... check it out.
Picture section is Not Safe For Work, as Boobies Abound.
Hmmm, I'll be going right by there about the time the wet T-shirt contest starts. Wifey won't let me go in though :( I went years ago before it got really raunchy. Been meaning to try and stop in one of these days to see if its really as bad as I've heard it is. Hustler mag is going to be there this year, so I suppose it must be pretty nasty. :drinking:
Way to moderate, GGG. Nice to see you're getting all this garbage off the football board. :D
What is one mans garbage is another mans treasure... :wink:

Just slow, it ain't smack and no one goes to the random isht pages...

It'll be safe for now, but thanks for watchin my six Jimus... 8)