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Night Games


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I notice that many 1AA schools including most of the Big Sky are going to night games to increase attendance.

I wonder how many we could get to the stadium if we played at night. Say a 6:00 start. I'll bet 30,000 easy.

Half the people of Missoula and all other towns work on Saturday. I used to work on Saturday and could never make a game.

There must be at least another 10,000 people that could make the games if they were at 6:00 instead of 1:00.

Anyone know what lights would cost?
They could put a lot more butts in the seats.. But, 10,000? That seems like a stretch... I dunno.. Maybe..

Go Griz!
We get so many out-of-town fans, it might hurt attendence, but maybe not. Night games could be better for the Missoula economy if people are hanging around overnight or at least for more than the game itself.
No way, no how should UM ever play night games.

How can you beat a day like today? It was absolutely perfect. You can't improve on perfect. Football was meant for beautiful fall afternoons.

I don't believe night games would improve attendance at all. I know a lot of people that come up for the games from GF, Helena, and Billings. If it was a night game, and they had to spend the night, I'm pretty sure most of the people I know would come alot less often. And they wouldn't spend as much money as they do now between tailgating and dinners.

There has been a few times where I've followed the Griz on road when they have played night games and I've hated it. It seems like you have sit around all day waiting, when you really just want the play the game already.

Don't try to fix what isn't broken.
I am in total agreement. Screw the night games. Don't waste money on the lighting. Put the money into a S. Endzone expansion.
In the south....the night games are popular. I like the night games. It makes an all day event out of a football game. But you would have to have real strong tailgating to make it worth it. Those that made it to the McGame last year know what I am talkin bout. :wink:

All day tailgaiting.......Then nobody leaves at half, and We have more than 50 Griz fans in the Stadium to start the third quarter. :lol: Wouldn' that be something?

The problem would be with weather. It stays real warm down here...well into Dec. Up there....night games past oct. might acually be a fan deterrent with the bitter coldness.

Man....I have been out of Montana too long.....I can't believe I just said that it is bitter cold in November. It might take a few winters to fully re-acclimate. :roll:
The outdoor setting does as much to sell Montana football as anything else. Montana football is played in one of the most picturesque settings in this country, which means it was meant for the daytime and for the outdoors. Bringing it indoors or under darkness would ruin it.

An afternoon in Missoula sets up a great evening away from the game. I'll bet the owners of the taverns and restaurants would be against that idea.
if I die there one Saturday afternoon.....everybody I know will say.....The "Big Guy"was doing what he loved...

Keep Tradition.....and add 5K more seats!

I was home sick watching it on my tube (listen to the radio call though....much better) today...... and I was so pissed not too be there.

too sick to tailgate....man I'm getting old.

Go Griz!
Saturday Afternoons are great but imagine the energy that would surge through your stadium at night. UCD plays September and most October games as 6 pm starts and the remainder of the season at 1 pm. Next week at PAM State is a 7:35 start for TV which should be a great atmosphere provided no one gets shot in the parking lot this year.
I think I would be way to drunk for a home night game. It would be like the old 10:00 p.m. softball games at McCormick on Friday nights.
I'm with Geaux and the way the McTeam does it. Open up the lots around 11:00 and tailgate all day, close em' down around 6:00 for 7:00 kickoff and nobody leaves at half time. I think we could pull it off from late August until mid/late October before it would start cooling down too much. But hey if playing in in WA Griz in Dec. is an advantage because teams aren't used to playing in the cold, it sure couldn't hurt to play night games in November.

Does anybody know if the U still has some cash stashed from the "ANONYMOUS" donation to carpet the field? I thought there was talk that some of the cake was to be used to add lights to allow later kickoffs after daylight savings. It would be pretty sweet for highschool state championship games too. You could have double headers with an early game kicking off at 3:00 and the late game at 7:00. I bet the players would love playing on the "field of dreams".
Bad idea. I wouldn't go, the hours on the road would be too rough, the lodging in Missoula isn't adequate to put out of town fans up six or eight weeks every fall. And there are thousands of out of town fans who travel to the games every week, not hundreds. People in Missoula frequently make the mistake of assuming that Missoula fills Washington Griz, which isn't the case.
Besides, most people who work on Saturday's aren't high wage earners with extra cash for season's tickets.
the lodging in Missoula isn't adequate to put out of town fans up six or eight weeks every fall

Agreed! In fact, due to conventions or something, the Idaho football team had to stay in Hamilton...couldn't get a room in Missoula.
Tailbone said:
the lodging in Missoula isn't adequate to put out of town fans up six or eight weeks every fall

Agreed! In fact, due to conventions or something, the Idaho football team had to stay in Hamilton...couldn't get a room in Missoula.

I think it was the Great West (???) cross country meet that caused the lodging shortage.

Anyway, I didn't mean to imply all night games, once in a while would be nice.
This is a tourist town. There is way too many hotel beds here in the fall. Summer might be another story. I doubt you'd have trouble getting a room, it would be good to travel home rested too. It would make for a more enjoyable trip. And it helps our local business community.

I'd bet night games would pump another $200,000 in to the economy.

And the picknickers get ALL day to party and picknick.
I think that in the scheme of things, lighting would not be that expensive to have for WGS. It would allow those Nov and Dec games to start after 1:00 to 2:00 during the warmest part of the day. As it got darker, the lights could be used. I think that a game or two in the pre-conference part of the season we could do at night. I would definitely not be in favor of all night games for all the reasons expressed in other posts. But, I do think that having lights would/could be beneficial. The stadium is used for more than just Griz Football games.... are we forgetting that?
This is funny. The Idaho team had to stay in Hamilton, but their band stayed in Missoula.
I have to chime in on this. I think night games would hurt your attendance. You guys get about 23K for a game right? If I'm not mistaken that's about 1/3 of the MSA for Missoula. I think a large portion of your fans drive in, which would mean a hotel room for the night for those folks. I could make the argument you might lose fans. :drinking: Regardless it sure is a fine program up there, and your fan support per population could compare to anywhere.

While my broncos have been enjoying a lot of success, we don't come anywhere near that in terms of percentage. Our MSA is 490,000 and we fill the stadium with about 31,000 (official capacity 30,000) each game.
Jimus said:
This is funny. The Idaho team had to stay in Hamilton, but their band stayed in Missoula.

Their band is "GREAT" but their football team is "rather poor" So guess the band gets the first consideration :lol:
Please, no night games.

ALL the people who sit around us are from out-of-town, and not a one of them spends the night. And, for the November and December games, someone always comments that they like the earlier start time, as it gets them on the road for home at a better hour. My guess would be that a good many out-of-town people would cease to come if there were night games, because of the additional cost of a motel room.

I grew up with and went to high school where there were night games, and I don't see the allure of them at all. They were inconvenient for people who had to come from a distance, and we froze to death as the season moved into October. I'll take a gorgeous fall afternoon in Washington-Grizzly Stadium over a night game ANYWHERE.