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NFL Draft


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Has anybody heard any relible reports on whether or not any of the Griz players from last Years Chanpionship Team are seriously being looked at for the draft or even free agency. It would be interesting to hear some encouraging reports.I saw on another sports page where 3 DB's from the Tennesse Hilltoppers, a 1-AA teams, are being seriously looked at for the Draft.
Atu, Thatcher, and Vince are all working out for combines, however it appears only Thatcher has a chance to be drafted. The other two will have a shot at free agency. No word at all on Yo, however there are rumors that the CFL may give him a shot. No word on the tight ends but both have hopes. Almost forgot Calvin. He has forgone track this season as he is performing for NFL teams and also has a shot. This weekend should be interesting.

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