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NEZ seat sales?????


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Would anyone happen to know how the ticket sales are doing for the new construction of seats in the NEZ. I put in for four of them a couple of weeks ago before JG announced he was leaving. Then heard the sales dropped off and was sitting at about 1'000 sold and 2,000 more had to be sold by 12/20/02. Now with a new coach being announced I had a fleeting hope that they still might make the deadline. My family would fit in perfectly with the NEZ crazies, we make the Adams family look like the Brady bunch. Go! Griz! :wink:
I will be at the field house this morning. I will try to find out and report back on the seat sales.
:fadein: According to Missoulian, total sales are about $1500 and need $2000 more approximately. They extended the deadline to January 10, 2003.