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Next Two Opponents


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Sep 7 . . . . open
Sep 14. . . at North Dakota
Sep 21. . . Oklahoma Panhandle State

North Dakota Schedule
(UND is a nonconference game this year)

Aug 29. . . W, vs. Valparaiso 69-10
Sep 7. . . . South Dakota St
Sep 14 . . . Montana

Valpo is a Pioneer Conference member. They won one game last year and was rated 245 in the final Sagarin ratings out of 246 DI teams. Thier head coach has won 2 games in 3 years while losing 31. UND had 286 yards passing, 255 yards rushing, 541 yards total. Box score: http://www.sportsnetwork.com/merge/tsnform.aspx?c=sportsnetwork&page=cfoot2/scores/final/boxscore.aspx?GAMEID=39427" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Oklahoma Panhandle State Schedule

Aug 31. . . LOST at Lamar 75-0
Sep 7. . . . .Sterling
Sep 14. . . Grizzlies - Adams State
Sep 21. . . at Grizzlies - University of Montana

OPSU is a DII independent. OPSU threw 2 interceptions, fumbled 7 times, and lost 4 fumbles. They gave up 615 yards of offense while mustering only 180 yards themselves. They were down 56-0 at halftime. Offensively, OPSU only passed for a net 50 yards which includes 4 passes that went for a negative 17 yards. Oooo. Lamar finished 4-8 last year and was ranked 205 in the final Sagarins (MSU's powerful opponent, Monmouth, was rated 203). Box score: http://www.sportsnetwork.com/merge/tsnform.aspx?c=sportsnetwork&page=cfoot2/scores/final/boxscore.aspx?GAMEID=39427" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Sounds like OPSU would be a pretty good opponent for the Missoula High School All-Stars. I only hope the Griz can get up for the game. It will be like a bye week.
OPSU game will be good to give playing time to quite a few players down on the depth chart. Young Griz with potential in the future.
The entire first teams better not play a single snap against OPSU, especially JJ.

Hell, for good measure, just let Brady start and play the whole game. :lol:
This game should give lots of playing time for our depth players.

I remember when Portland State joined the Big Sky Conference in 1996. They got bombed out the first half by Ah Yat, 49-0, behind his 227 yards passing. Ah Yat got lots of experience as Dickenson's backup the year before.

"The Montana Grizzlies, coming off three tough league games [EWU, NAU, CSN], didn’t want to overlook Big Sky newcomer Portland State. Neither did they want to suffer a letdown after taking an early lead or beat the Vikings so soundly that they were accused of running up the score. It’s a fine line, but the Grizzlies walked it Saturday in beating PSU 63-6."

"Montana (9-0), ranked second in NCAA Division I-AA, scored on its first seven possessions. But after taking a 49-0 halftime lead, the I-AA’s leading passing team started running the ball."

" 'It was a good, old-fashioned fanny whipping,” said PSU coach Tim Walsh.' "
EverettGriz said:
That Panhandler State game is a F.cking joke.

They have got to be the worst DII team we have ever been up against. We would get a better game out of Tech or Carol. Let's get Central Washington back before these guys. If we have to schedule DII teams, then they should at least have a winning record.
I wish we would just get away from DII games peroid but at least it gives players who don't normally see the field an oppourtunity to play.
Why wouldn't our depth players get better experience facing our far superior team in practice? I think if this argument is a simple "you can't recreate gameday", then practices for these players should be made more efficient. Yes, those with minor roles will get well deserved time in front of the fans, but would they be learning enough to save this from being an irretrievable waste of time and precious venue date?

Worse than this is that our only bye week, meant to rest and fine-tune execution from a wealth of game film, can accomplish little at this stage. Conversely, we could really build momentum in the consistent stretch of 11 games to follow.
EverettGriz said:
That Panhandler State game is a F.cking joke.

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Yes, and we got the pleasure of paying $25 for this joke.....

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