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Next improvement: HD and national online availability


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I LOVE being able to watch Griz games on tv. I can still remember driving over 100 miles from where we live so we could get a radio broadcast of the games on our car radio - being able to see the games on tv is wonderful.

But, maybe some techie can explain to us why the local television stations don't broadcast in HD? Will that be coming in the near future?

And, I'd like to see us all start asking for national online availability of all games -- ESPN3 is fine if you use one of the ISP's or television providers that they work with, but, if you live somewhere those providers aren't available, you're out of luck. Even if it were some sort of pay-per-view arrangement, that would be fine, but leaving so many Griz fans across the country without the ability to watch the games seems pretty sad in this age of digital communications. Maybe there is some other reliable online option for viewing the games (NOT the site with the porn ads and spyware) that I just don't know about?
I had an espn gameplan credit to burn off...coverage crappy as usual. Like watching the game thru a screen door and no pregame, halftime or postgame commentary. Very barebones. Gameplan is a huge rip off.
E3 was great for me. The video was excellent and had few issues. Great they picked up the app state game, but we cannot expect a better product for the others.

Apparently though the University wants you to pay for all of its non-conference games for streaming, . I will look forward to the handful of games that are on root sports and the rest that are on Big Sky TV.
If you wanted to watch the game in HD, you have to have the optimum package that gives you the HD channel. Just watching the basic channel gives you standard definition.

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