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News article re Montana - Idaho series


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I thought this was a cool mention in the Tacoma News Tribune:

Great rivalry could be over - Want another reason the NCAA needs to boot non-factor teams like Idaho from the Division I-A level?

How about the death of one of the Northwest's most underrated rivalries - the battle for the Little Brown Stein.

Idaho and Division I-AA power Montana have played 83 times since 1903. However, a new rule requiring Division I-A teams to schedule five Division I-A home games starting next season could put an end to the rivalry.

Idaho has pledged to do whatever it takes to stay at the lucrative I-A level. As a result, none of its future schedules - Idaho has scheduled games through 2006 - include Montana.

Idaho also could see its rivalry with Eastern Washington vanish.

the sad part is some Idaho fans don't agree with the part of the artile that calls Idaho a "non-factor" 1-a team.
Idaho needs to learn that they're in over their heads. Idaho fans will talk about how much better I-A is, but look how happy they are about their situation. They need help.
Couldn't agree more. It would be nice if they could get a grip on reality, but they probably never will. The whole pride thing and all. It will probably take the NCAA to force non-compliant teams like UI down to Div I-AA, but who knows.
I see some writing on the wall. The NCAA seems to be making it as easy as possible on the Mids to the shagrin of the BCS. They are reducing the requirements, example starting next year no stadium size requirement. They have gone to the 5 1A home games, but that's an easy one, just eliminate the 1AA games.

The Mids will continue to pressure the BCS, in Court possibly, to share the wealth. Will the BCS comply? You tell me.

I see it all ending in a realignment. The BCS will either demand an NCAA realignment or they will split and form their own Athletic Association. This is their ace up the sleeve that will control the NCAA.

What will realignment do to the 1AA? Any thoughts on that?