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News about Spring FB Practice

Proud Griz Man

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This is the first FB news I have noticed, from the Kaimin. :D

I like how they talk about the "shoulder stregthening" drills! And how Glenn was ALL agility drills......
Thanks, Proud Griz! It sounds good to me! :) If you find any more articles would you mind posting them for us?
I saw Chris Snyder this weekend and he said workouts have been a lot tougher this year. It's good to see Coach Hauck mixing things up a little and adding new things, I"m sure the change is nice even if it is tough, and hopefully we'll see the results in the scrimmage! Which I can't wait for :lol:
I saw a banner hanging in Polson today that said welcome to the Griz Spring Scrimmage on Apr 26th. That seems so far away.
There will be a caravan headed to Polson from the north end of the Flathead Valley on April 26. We are looking forward to the scrimmage! :D
Do the stands at Polson's field hold enough people. I heard they got a new one. How big is it?
I don't know the capacity of the new stadium in Polson but here is a link to a couple pictures of the stadium.


The last spring scrimmage I was at was the one in Kalispell a couple years ago and we filled up the bleachers pretty good at that one. I don't know how the sizes of the two stadiums compare, it would be interesting to find out. I think we might, especially if we have a bunch of fans from the Flathead come down and a bunch from Missoula come up, fill up the stadium. There is plenty of standing room but I would hate to pay for a ticket and have to stand.
Thanks for the pictures. It looks pretty small, so it's probably best to get there early or bring lawnchairs. Any tailgating planned?
Is there seating on the other side of the field? If not, likely not enough seats.

I hope to go see the scrimmage. What time is it supposed to start?
There is only temp seating on opposite side of field and due to track season, it will likely not be in place. So you are right, get there early.