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New recruits


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So does anyone know anything about the four guys we signed? I know about Hasquet, but I haven't the slightest clue about anyone else.

Any information would be appreciated.
Andrew Strait had a Rivals 2 star rating coming off of his junior HS year. He was being looked at by some PAC 10 schools including Stanford. Matt Martin is an All-State point guard from Spearfish S.D. He is also a fine football player. Lamarr Farr played in the same JC division as Kamaar Davis. I suspect he was recommended by Coach Marso who must have seen him play a number of times when he was coaching Sheridan CC. Stats and more info on these guys can be found at grizzlyboards.com
Also, Matt Dlouhy has earned a scholarship for next year. I think this was an excellent decision by the coaching staff. Matt has loads of talent! :D