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New QB On Saturday In Missoula


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"I've got a bad shoulder, and we did everything we could," Edwards said. "By no means is that an excuse for the way I played. But, yeah, it was a tough week." ----- Quoted from The Missoulian.

For God's sake! Start Neil then. Let Johny be the backup for a game. Look how Niel filled in for him last year. All W's. It can't hurt. We all know John has been inaffective for one reason or another in the last two weeks. Retire Johny "Montana" as the starter for a game and put in Brandon "Big Sky" Neil.

Oh, and show the offensive coach his other hand. There are five more fingers on that hand, therein making ten, thus doubling the amount of plays this guy runs.

By the way people. . . do you think Neil is kicking himself in the arse for leaving Wyoming now. At least deep down inside. Figure it out. Hmmmm. . . no play time for a IA football team, or no play time for a IAA football team. At least he could have boasted about having a scholarship for a IA program.

Don't call me an Saturday afternoon coach from his couch either. I know I am. . . you all are, but the fact of the matter is anyone would bitch like this. The people/fans are seeing something that isn't working, so they call for change. Same thing with politics... they don't like something they bitch. And that doesn't make a bitcher a politician, but you can be damn sure they can get change during the voting "season." Wish I could vote for a healthy QB to start and about 5 more plays to be added to the O.

I don't think bitching is going to do any good. The coach is stubborn, you can see that in how he will spend the entire game trying to establish the run. No, it is stubborness of the kind you saw in "Tin Cup" when Kevin Costner just had to show them he could clear the water and hit that green. You won't see Neil in there unless they carry Edwards off the field.
Can anyone confirm the injury reported by Tony Moss:

"Montana summary: The Grizzlies are beat up, beginning with quarterback John Edwards (2,967 yards, 19 TD, 9 INT), who has a separated non-throwing shoulder. Edwards completed just 8-of-32 passes in Montana’s 10-7 loss to Montana State this past Saturday. Montana will need a strong effort from tailbacks David Gober (435 yards, 4 TD) and J.R. Waller (674 yards, 5 TD). Wideout Levander Segars (46 receptions, 591 yards, 2 TD) is the primary pass-catching threat. The injury problems on defense are significant, with safety Trey Young and tackle Tim Bush counted on to cover some of the unit’s blemishes. Punter Mark Spencer (38.7 avg.) and kicker Chris Snyder (16-26 FG, 42-42 XP) are each capable, and punt returner Segars (11.0 avg.) can be tough to contain".

"How to Beat Montana: The Grizzlies haven’t broken the 100-yard rushing mark in their past three games, and are 1-2 over that stretch. Edwards can beat you, but since he’s not healthy, forcing him to throw looks like the best option. A depleted defensive line has struggled mightily against the run in the past three games, so running the ball at Montana could be met with some success. Failing that, there are some passing avenues against a secondary that gave up 344 yards to Eastern Washington’s Josh Blankenship in a loss two weeks ago. Taking an always vocal and spirited Washington-Grizzly Stadium crowd out of the game early is advised when the Griz are at home."
I heard this (about Edwards) early last week, but was told to keep mum about it.

What I heard is that he apparantly had an MRI and confirmed a bad rotar cuff in his left shoulder. Word was he wasn't going to play... I was surprised when he did. If you watch any replays... you can see that he wasn't following through on many passes and was side arming a lot of stuff.

Heavy winds... I doubt it. This is a case of playing a senior because of who he is, not his health status. I'm pissed that the coaches can't see this clearly and didnt think of the team first.

Neil is very capable and led us past NW Demons last year... Maybe he'll do it again.

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