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New Posters...


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Has anyone else seen the new posters. My bro was in town this past weekend and of course he had to make a trek to the bookstore for some new griz gear. (He likes the copper/black "Old Griz" stuff)

They are giving away the new posters with the schedules.

1 Word... "SoVeryCool"

Shows an old pic of Hauck when he coached under Read, and some of the top Seniors (Bush, Vernon Smith, Brent Myers, etc) and a bunch of guys running from the helmet, and a sky diver...

Again, "SoVeryCool".

Swing by and pick yours up. I already got 1 in my sons room and one in the shrine.
GGG did you notice if the 2003 media guide books are out yet.
on last years the cover called the sprial wound book the "2002 Yearbook".
And i remember they were out before the Great Griz Enounter, but not sure when exactly.
Any help would be great. :)
Mania - Dave Guffey told me they had to be out in time for the coaches/media meeting in Park City. I don't remember for sure, but I thought he said that was the week of July 21, so they should be printed out pretty soon now. How can I get one? During the spring, I had emailed to update Eric's weight from 230 to 250, but since then he has even exceeded that up to 260. That's when he mentioned the media guide deadline to me.
I emailed the bookstore recently and asked when the Media Guides would be available. They couldn't tell me, but I got on the bookstore e-mail list for new products. Should find out as soon as they are, and I'll let everyone know if it hasn't already been announced here.