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New Defensive Paradigm

Grisly Fan

Well-known member
We all have heard of "bend but don't break". I believe there is sufficient evidence to suggest that TG has created a new paradigm. The corners played so soft at times they weren't even in the zoomed out picture. The DB was AT LEAST 13 yards back from the receiver -- could have been further but was all of the field that was shown on screen. I believe it should be called "break but don't shatter" and the basic tenant is that if you can hold your opponent to less than 50 then you have a chance. Seems to be working...
I think they should call it the kindling defense for making firewood. You bend it then break it several times over before you finally torch it.
Perpetual prevent....we have given up 87 points in regulation in two games. :shock: and just think defense wins championships.