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New Bobcat TV show on BRAVO...


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Thats right folks, it's...


A new reality based TV program about the Cats starring...
Kane Ioane - Hairstyle & Personal Grooming
Mike Kramer - Ettiquete and Style
Travis Lulay - Fashion
Joey Thomas - Food & Wine
Jon Montoya - Interior Design

First episode they visit former coach Joe Obrien in the Bozeman Pokey and help him cope with his stint of 5-10...

Hey Cats... its GRIZ/CAT Week... all is fair... BRING IT ON!
Judging by your picture I've got a great idea for Episode 2. The guys will get some turquoise and mauve into that facepaint scheme.

Excellent work... although I'd say that's too funny to be smack.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Now that's funny!

and I thought Bozoland was just folks with big hats and pu trucks
Hey.. Cravin' Donuts... rumor has it the toughest major at MSU is a Star Wars degree... :roll: is it a 5-year or 6-year program? :wink:
That is interesting because I know a guy from MSU who now works for LucasArts. Would that be a starwars degree? He was able to get his degree in three years at a break-neck pace with no time for football, women, or wine if I remember this correctly. Didn't seem like much fun. Braniacs... what wierdos.
I think GoodGodGriz will be saluting his fellow fans this week ... :fist: I can see a lot of booing by the Griz fans when they see Och's being carted off the field after getting blasted by Cooper and Montoya.
People like you "GoodGodGriz" are a waste of good skin.
and peoples time.

How long do you think it took GoodGodGriz to create and think of this.

I hope that he did not have to cancel his plans for the week to do it.

Maybe I will have a 4 year old try to make this because, he might put some taste in it.

While GoodGodGriz is thinking of this S***, I wonder who is flipping my burger at Burger King.

Don't get me wrong I like GoodGodGriz, because the world needs people to work at fast food joints and with his skills he is prime for a successful career.

Hey GoodGodGriz can you spell "Shift Manager," because that is all I see in your future.

UM fanatic said:
People like you "GoodGodGriz" are a waste of good skin. and peoples time...

UM Fanatic,
This is a smack board. This is Griz/Cat week. Anything goes. What others say in words, I've said in pictures. Get over it. Sorry if I left your fries in a bit too long.

This week, I'm washin lettuce! :lol:
Hey UMFanatic, welcome to the board. Now get the F#@k off or I'll tell your mommy. I think your hang up with GGG is some kind of latent **** thing, *****boy. Might want to get that checked out *****puffer.

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No need to be using words like that.