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New Assistant Coach


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Howdy Griz fans. Just thought I would drop by and congratulate coach Kennedy on the hiring of Brian Marso from Sheridan College. You guys got a good one in Brian. Very good coach and I am sure he will do a bang up job for the Griz in the future. He was one heck of a coach here at Sheridan College. Never lost a game in the Hoffman Golden Dome, had 56 straight wins and an overall record of 116 wins to only 17 losses. I am sure that Brain was instrumental in coach Kennedy's recruiting of Kammar Davis from Sheridn College(see my post below) who will be joining the Griz this fall. Good luck to both coach Marso and Kennedy this coming season. I think Wyoming missed out on another one again when Marso went to Montana. Hate like heck to lose Marso here at Sheridan College but don't blame him one bit for wanting to move up and know he will do well. GO POKES!
I have not heard the greatest things about the incoming assistant Marso. But that was from friends who played against his team or people who have dealt with him in general. Heard that he was a bit of a hothead and just kinda stuck up. That attitude wouldn't worry me so much if it wasn't for the intense media and fan pressure here in Missoula. If he really is a jerk the people will run him out of town and its obvious that he is very valuable as a coach...just look at his record at Sheridan. Joe Glenn (former football coach) always said the right things and that made him a legend here. If Marso can keep the right attitude and keep up his winning ways he will be a wonderful spark for the griz basketball program. I'm just asking you what you think about his attitude because I really don't know so I don't wanna make it look like I'm trying to start rumors or anything.

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Yes I am sure there are some Marso haters out there. But when you can't beat him in the game of basketball I guess you might not like the guy. Marso is very caught up with coaching basketball. He ran a tight ship here at Sheridan and sure there may have even been some players who never liked him. He wants his players to react and play the game like he wants them to. As far as him having a bad attitude I for one don't see him that way but that is my opinion. Being a hothead well I don't know if that would be the right word or not. During a game he yells and stomps, try's to work the ref's but so do a lot of other coaches and Brian will get eveything out of a player to make that player a much better person and player. IMO his record speaks for its self and I think you will find that Brian is going to work out real well for the Montana basketball team and coach Kennedy. GO POKES! GO GENERALS!