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Nebraska's Legislature considers pay for players

Its probably a good idea in their situation...They have got it worded so the law doesn't take effect unless three other Big XII states make a similar law. I can see where there should rightly be some compensation for the big time atheletes that are drawing thousands of fans, and millions in television revenue for their schools, as well as gadzillions in merchandising.

However, at our level there are almost no atheletic departments that could afford to play payers, save for a select few. Even small football programs like the Griz that make money would all of a sudden find themselves in the red. And obviously, if we couldn't afford to pay, we'd have to do without some of the recruits that could get a paycheck somewhere else. Its a tough question. In the interest of fairness, you wouldn't want to base a programs atheletic success just on its monetary success...though in the present system, the same thing still happens.

Did the Nebraska legislature already vote on this? Does anyone have any more news?
I haven't heard anything further about it. It was in the news here for a while. My feelings about it are that I can appreciate the point of view behind it, but the proposal had no chance of going anywhere, and I am sure it is dead in the legislature.

What I found interesting is the reality of college sports and college sports as the ncaa sees it. We all know what pays the bills in college sports programs, but because of the ncaa's rules, all sports are supposedly equal; that is there is no difference between an all American quarterback and a third string soccer player. Paying football players would open a can of worms that none of the colleges want to deal with, so it will always be the same system of paying players indirectly and skirting the ncaa's regs.

I don't think we will ever see the day that the ncaa would split off men's basketball and football for different treatment as semi-pro athletic enterprises.

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