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NDSU plays South Dakota State at Fargo on the 27th. After the loss to Davis, coach Bohl took the redshirt off a freshman Def. Tackle to give us more depth on D. Depth on D hurt us against UCD. I would look for NDSU to play tough against SDSU and win. Good luck to the Griz against Idaho.
You have to give props to NDSU they beat the Griz in Washington Grizzly Stadium that's something top ranked 1AA teams haven't been able to do. Why knock the griz, why not give the bison props. Good Luck up in 1AA w/ us next year, i want you in the Big Sky to get some revenge, and another challenging game.
The freshman getting the redshirt taken off was the second best (rated) South Dakota recruit and is a DT. The state's top recruit got a full ride at Minnesota, I believe. NDSU's recruit is Justin Frick. He is 6'4" and 275 lb. He is not your average freshman recruit. He led his high school team to the state championship and had many I-A invites for partial scholorships but choose NDSU for acedemic, winning tradition, and closeness to home reasons.

Many people have related him to Phil Hanson who played for the Buffalo Bills for 10 years in the NFL. Hanson actually was a ND grown talent. I hope Frick can live up to all the hype.
The battle of the Dakotas should be a good one. Both teams are highly regarded this year in D II.

Not to get too picky but at the I-A level I thought football was only able to give full scholarships (85). Otherwise they could load with 120 guys getting some form of aid, going back to the issue of 290 pounders on swimming scholarships.

You're right about not being able to split scholarships in I-A. Frick was more than likely offered a walk-on spot with a chance to earn a scholarship.

NDSU won tomight, beating South Dakota State 24-0, improving to a 3-1 record. NDSU should be ranked in the top 15 of D2 next week.

Congrats to the Griz on a win over a I-A!! Hope the Griz win out the rest of the season with the new option game :D