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NDSU Smoke out????


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What happens to our home opener if the air quality continues to be so unreasonable?? Would the game be postponed or would we have to travel to ND and play another road game. Lets hope that this clears up sometime soon but its not looking good.

Too much MONEY involved Baller.

Money talks buddy. The game goes on, smoke or not. It would cost the schools too much to move the game, that's out. And I don't even think they'll re-schedule unless it's like stage 3.

The Osprey have played as scheduled. So will the Griz.

It will be the Griz home smoke advantage. :eek:
I guess your right....I just couldnt' imagine playing in this Sh!t. Especially in such a cardiovacular oriented sport. Baseball is one thing but football is a much more involved, physically demanding sport. In this type of air quality I believe it is morally wrong to force players to play in such conditions. But I guess money does talk and that is that. Wonder if it would effect the fan turn out much if it is too smokey out. Probably not, griz fans are to die hard.

Seems there was a chance that the game against Hofstra was in jeopardy except for some game saving rain that fell a couple days earlier in 2000.
I wouldn't count out moving the game to a later date like 9/20. Somebody on this board mentioned both schools have the weekend open.
What TrueGriz says could happen. I've heard that from somewhere else.

I wouldn't count it out. God, could you imagine the people (present parties included) that would be sooo pissed off! I mean, NSDU people have made arrangements, reservations, whatever it is they do over there.

I pray that things will get cleared up. I mean, how much longer can this crap really last? We've got to at least get some light winds to blow it outta here!

It can't stay this way forever... Can It??? :roll: :roll: :roll:
I think it would have to be pretty bad to even re-schedule as some are suggesting. JMO The reasons would be what GGG brings up. The visiting fans are making big investments to come out and see the game. In most cases their airline tickets and hotel costs are unrefundable.

How long would they wait to make the final decision to reschedule? Friday before the game? Anyone know? 24 hours? The morning of Game day?

I don't think they will do that to the NDSU fans that will be here for the game. It would be just too devastating to them.
We have some pretty good rain falling in Spokane right now. How is the weather in Missoula? I hope it's raining like heck...maybe the fighters can get the upper hand?
No rain as of 12:30 noon, smokier than hell, worse its been so far I think...

Weather guys say we can expect your rain late evening.
Hope to GoodGodGriz that the rain comes. I can't put up with this much longer. That sounds kinda selfish though when there are thousands of firefighters up there iln the heat of it all workin their asses off. Hope they keep up the good work and stay safe and hope my rain dance later tonight pays off.

All I've heard is that the thunderstorms in the forecast are going to ultimately make the smoke situation worse. Maybe if it's a brief storm with minimal rain and a few lightning strikes, it will be bad for us. Hopefully soon we'll get a pro-longed storm so it rains long enough to put some fires out. Damn weather.
I think we will need at least 3 days of good rain. According to Missoulian it is supposed to cool down into upper 70s and low 80s. Could be a good opportunity for firefighters to catch up and stop the fires, or at least get them in control. But if we can just get a good 2 or 3 days of heavy rain.