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NDSU had a new coach and system also.


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That excuse doesn't work.

We played a very good team doesn't work, you'll get your ass laughed right off 1AA.org. They'll DESTROY you. Don't go there with that crowd.

So can an expert or two please tell me what happened?

Hey, I'm not throwing in the towel for the season but I'm really worried.
Here is what i have resolved...but I am by no means an expert...
1. This offense isn't simple. Ask Don Read, he wrote a book on it, and yet few have mastered it like he has.
2. The main characters are unfamiliar with each other in game situations.
3. Maybe all of what I am feeling is just the realization that we are going to take our lumps this year. I doubt it because I have extreme confidence in what Phenicie and Hammerschmidt have planned as well as hauck.
-- You can't introduce a technical offense in one week.
-- Defense is all about flow and feel. There isn't a lot of agressiveness in the defense.
-- You give kids too much, you get paralysis by analysis. Everything in the first two games seems mechanical. Even the no huddle is mechanical. No flow or movement. I do believe that will come.

4. Suddenly I am an optimist, not sure why, maybe because I have seen 'end of the world' loses before and we have rebounded, and maybe I am tired of the "cheer for our qb when he gets hurt so we can put in the other guy attitude."

5. Loses like this make teams with pride angry. Gives them resolve to make sure it doesn't happen again. I too am worried about the lack of leadership. There isn't a go to guy on Offense (we lacked that too last year) and defensively it will be huge when we get Pitcher back. I think he is a lightning rod guy on defense. Cause if this team has any leadership in it, you will hopefully see it rise to the top after this. Mostly because 'the back is against the wall'...as it were...
Hey we are all worried, OKAY.

When the offensive line gets going our offense is going to click. Just hope it happens sometime this year.

When we get Breske back, the defense will start clicking. OOPS, sorry he won't be coming back. OOPS, now I tipped you off what I worry about most.

What is the most worrisome? Is it the offense? Yeah, it is a problem, but it isn't the most worriesome. Not even close by a long shot. IT IS THE DEFENSE. Defense wins championships. Heck, I see so many posts by posters about the offense of yester year when we scored 50 points or so, racked up over 500 yards of offense. But it didn't earn us any championships. Both championships were earned by defense.

After two games, I do not like what I see about our defense. It just doesn't dominate like in the past as in 2001 and much of 2002 until injuries became to much of a problem. One thing I am noticing is the lack of blitzing. In two games, has there been any blitzing? I haven't noticed any. I haven't even noticed the team show blitz.
Why is that? Is it Kraig Paulson calling the defensive plays? Because when he was Defensive coordinator there was very little blitzing. This defense is looking more like Kraig Paulson's defense each game.

You have to realize it is Kraig Paulson up in the booth and our defensive coordinator is on the sideline. This could have a bearing on why our defense is not being as aggressive.
Our defense did look dominating in crunch time against Maine. They're still the same guys who play the same way. NDSU's speed hurt us today. That and bad luck. But I know we can play. Just bring on the next opponent.

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