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NDSU belongs in the Big Sky

not until there is a major shake-up of some sort in the conference.

Maybe a Big SKy North & south?

with all of those other sports besides football it sounds like a logistical nightmare. (Or so say the A.D's)

and with having NAU & SAC state in the sky, I'm not sure a Dakota expansion is realistic, due to required travel & schedules....and the over all cost.

I wish they would, I can drive to the dakota's in the fall for Football.

(Little bird hunting as well)


good luck.

I don't think anyone is questioning whether or not they could play in the Big Sky. I just don't think that we will see them come anytime soon. I really think that the Conference is waiting to see what happens with schools like Idaho and Utah State. If this NCAA reorganization happens, and Idaho is forced down to I-AA in football, where else would they go except the Big Sky (which is where they belong in the first place) Who knows, though? Wouldn't mind seeing N. Colorado get accepted either. Sorry, just don't see the Dakota schools coming, I could end up eating my words, though.