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Ncaa 2004 Ultimate Insult!


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Ok, I am happy that the game has FINALLY included the Griz, and oh yeah the rest of the BSC. BUT.............In my XBOX version........the PA announcer, not the broadcast announcers, no matter who or where the Griz are playing announces them.....get ready for this........as the montana state bobcats! How disgusting is that?!?!

Also, I didn't know that the Griz played on grass turf again, as they do in the game! Now if I can find the reciept and see if I can get a less insulting version!

Anybody else have this PA announcer problem?
yes this happened to me last night and I got so mad I had to turn the volume off. If you play with corso and herbstreet they get it right but the PA guy is the :evil:
Remember last year at the Southern Utah game when the referee called us Montana State? He wasn't going to win any popularity contests after that. Someone should have kidnapped him, tied him up, and dropped him off in Bozeman as punishment.
It's called Bobcat fever... it looks like whoever developed the game caught it. Now I guess I'll have to go out and buy it. I just hope they don't call the Bobcats the damn Grizzlies!!! Now THAT would be a disgrace! :wink:

The Momentum is Building...
You also better hope they didn't put your actual stadium on the game. Yikes.

Whoever developed the game obviously is a Griz fan since we have the best power rating of all the Division I-AA teams.
Stadium Shmadium! I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard a Griz fan bragging about the damn new stadium!!! Sure, it will hold more people but it looks kind of weird to me. It's ugly now. Don't get me wrong, I'd trade ours for it in a second. Unfortunately our school doesn't have millions of dollars pouring in from rich doners. Oh well, it still comes down to what happens on the field, however crappy it may be. And it's gonna be a fun year. Can't wait!!!
Ah, but you see, I brought up your stadium in my post, not ours. I'm glad to see that even after last year, the old MSU inferiority complex hasn't worn off. Looks like envy is still a one-way street in this state.
Maybe if you'd actually win something you'd be able to get the donors and money to actually afford the finer things! :D
I was playing Georgia Southern in a dynasty game (they're open for week one) and they were running the shotgun and 5 wide for most of the game. No triple option, or any option that I could see. Just a few halfback sweeps. Go figure...
Jimus said:
Ah, but you see, I brought up your stadium in my post, not ours. I'm glad to see that even after last year, the old MSU inferiority complex hasn't worn off. Looks like envy is still a one-way street in this state.

Ah, but of course your "best 1-AA stadium in the country" is implied with your knock on our stadium. Anyway, stadium quality is not a huge deal to us... team wuality is. And it's not really what I'd call an "inferiority complex" since we've proven we're not "inferior" to you any more... we'll prove it again this year. "Stadium Envy" maybe, but no inferiority complex here...

Are you feelin' it Evil?!!!
At least you can admit that you were legitimately inferior to the Griz and you envy our stadium. Denial is the saddest thing of all. You know, no one's making you be a bobcat fan (maybe). Clearly it's easier to be a Griz fan, and all the great things that have been happening on our side prove that nothing will ultimately change because of one game over a couple decades. We're still building and growing with all our success. You got to love that.
No Problems like you've described with the Montana State thing in the Playstation Version. See my post for a full review.
The poor cat fan wrote "Don't get me wrong, I'd trade ours for it in a second. Unfortunately our school doesn't have millions of dollars pouring in from rich doners" Two things jump out at me here. 1) Griz fans are more generous or 2) You can make more money with your U of M education. Maybe its a combination of both and of course winning helps bring in money. Any way you look at it, "It's great to be a Griz!!!"
Give the Kitty some credit, he's backing up his team. The only problem is there is just no substance behind the argument except that this person is a Cat fan :fist: we back our griz to the death and for some reason they love the cats over in bozeman. Just a word of advice though when your in a debate and you have nothing to back up your argument with then you should get the fk out while you still can. So the cats beat the griz in a fluke. Good for them, I just hope you guys saw the National Championship Flags on your way out of the stadium. That is what make our stadium look so much better than yours. Forget the Millions of dollars that are poured into our program every year. Those banner represent the HEART and SOUL that the AD, coaches, players, community and fans pour into our program. We may look flashy but UM is blue collar through and through. You guys beat us once but you have a helluva lot further to go before you can say your program is better than ours. And that just doesn't happen over night, or over a season. Its called TRADITION...go look it up and you'll see a big ass pic of a grizzly next to the defenition.

Blue Collar? Tradition? Heart and Soul? Blah Blah Blah... Your comment on last year's game being a fluke sums up the bulk of the Griz fan mentality. Edwards sucks, and only played cause of his rich dad, even though he led you to a natl championship. And what else have I seen you guys post on this board... Oh yea - Glenn wasn't that good of a coach because he wouldn't run up ths score, didn't pass enough, let the players get hurt, and didn't win every game. Didn't take long for you guys to start badmouthing the coaching staff and some players. I'm sure Hauck and co. will get the job done and you'll win every single game you ever play again... by 40. As for the National Championship Banners we saw on the way out of the stadium, you're right, those are nice. They look alot like the ones we have... except we have three.

Good luck this fall, we'll be waitin' for ya...
we now see where you, poorgriz, are coming from. I wouldn't blah blah Tradition, Heart, or Blue Collar work ethic. We pride ourselves on heart, tradition, and a blue collar work ethic. Maybe that is why the kittys have lost 25 of the last 28 meetings, and a emberrassing 16 in a row.

I know what you are going to say. "we one last year and that is all that matters". Yes you did win last year. The tradition we had of beeting you year after year was snapped. But we here in Griz country, you see, have heart. And we have the heart to want to begin the tradition again. And without seeing the 2003 Grizzlies even take the field I can tell you that they will be coming for you kittys, with a hole lot of heart, and a little revenge on their minds.
Boy, that tradition, and heart & soul pep talk was touching... I think my eyes are starting to water. That's the problem with most Griz fans, you think you're the only dog in town. Just keep thinking that way - The Bobcats have no strong history or tradition, no heart and soul, and no blue-collar. Are you kidding me? The Bobcats define blue collar!

As for your revenge... good luck. We've got 16 years worth of revenge on our minds and we're just gettin' started.

It's already been set in motion and it can't be stopped...