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NAU at Cal Poly


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Let me preface this with I know that there is still a lot of football to be played for everyone and the Griz themselves have a big task ahead next weekend against EWU.

That being said, since I am still wired and need something to be distracted about until next weekend, I realized I am going to be a big Mustang fan next weekend. Currently there are 7 BSC teams with only a single loss or less in conference.

EWU (3-0 BSC), MSU (3-0), and Sac State (3-1) all have to face the Griz still, so UM still controls their own destiny in respect to the conference championship/autobid against those teams.

UC Davis (3-1) and Cal Poly (2-1) also only have a single conference loss, but UM already owns the head-to-head tiebreaker over them.

That leaves NAU (3-1) who has the head-to-head tiebreaker over UM if both should win out. Looking at NAU's remaining schedule:

@ Cal Poly
North Dakota
Northern Colorado
@ Southern Utah (non-conference game)

NAU should be heavily favored at home against struggling North Dakota and Northern Colorado. Since the SUU game doesn't count towards BSC standings, that leaves only Cal Poly as a legitimate chance to give NAU another conference loss and keep the Griz championship hopes alive. Hopefully, Cal Poly can regroup after an emotionally draining game in which they dominated for the majority of it.

All this doesn't matter, of course, if the Griz don't win-out their remaining BSC games (and especially if they allowed EWU or MSU to get another game up on them at this point in the season). But heck, even if the Griz didn't get the autobid a 10+ win BSC team should be in and seeded pretty high in the playoffs.

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If both the Griz and NAU win out, even with the autobid, my guess is Montana gets a top 4 seed and not NAU. May not seem fair, but with our current seeding and history, I'm of the opinion that is what would happen.