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My thoughts...


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My thoughts/take on the game...


Nutshell... we didn't play good enough to repeat this year... need to get some things ironed out for sure before ISU next weekend. No new pics, kinda disappointed in our win.

Lets get things back together GRIZ...

Well it was a ugly way to play, but they did manage to avoid a loss and I do hope that this was a eye opener to them. I think that this may have been a good thing as well, because now they know that there is alot more room for improvement. I think that they jumped the gun when they swapped QB's and thought they had this game in the bag.......that also may have created a let down for the players. It is a MUST that they get the kicking game going in the right direction or it will haunt them in the future. Lets Go GRIZ!!!

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Very good observations. We definately need to get the ball down field on punts. We need to make field goals. Our "D" is good, but when a team is given a number of go's at the end zone deep in our territory they are bound to put up some points.

see the "also" links for some good articles.

Although we didn't exactly have our normal O line, we will have to play with what we have. Injurys happen and good teams overcome them. I concure, Good game, fun to watch, excelent crowd participation, and we can and will play better.