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My thoughts on BH coaching style


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ICAC, here are my thoughts on BH's coaching style. I should say up front that I am no expert on football (never even played on a winning team), and I don't know anyone on or associated with the team, so these are all things I thought up in my own mind.

BH is one of the most secretive coaches in football. No coach likes to give away the game plan, but BH doesn't give away anything. I suspect that a prime reason we have seen such a conservative game plan is BH doesn't want to give anything away until he absolutely needs to. If he doesn't have to use the big play, throw deep every down type of play to win he won't. That's not to say that he is trying to keep the games close (poor execution and injuries are the reason for that), but that he want's to keep some bullets in for later in the season.

What got me thinking this was the Idaho game - clearly he pulled out all sorts of things nobody expected, and won big. But surprise was a key ingredient, and the more surprises you keep for later, the deeper into the playoffs you get. If we get to the playoffs and the only game film other teams have is of us running on 1 & 2, passing on 3, what will they prepare for, and how effective will the big O be then?

I know people will say that now is the time to pull out those bullets, but I disagree. Does anybody really think we can't beat ISU this weekend playing them straight up like we have everyone else this season? Sure it will be close, but I have no doubt we can beat them and PSU the following weekend. NAU looks to be where the challenge is at this point, although Sac St. played them tough and almost won, and God knows what 3 weeks from now will bring in terms of injuries, etc. In any event, every game this season BH has prepared a winning game plan, based on the opponent, and has been successful (I know we lost the NDSU game, but the game plan was correct, we just didn't adjust after the first 1/2), so I have every reason to believe that he will have a game plan prepared for every opponent this year, giving away the fewest number of secrets to win the game. Then when we get to the playoff's look out. Yeah, it's boring, makes you shake your head and wonder, but until we don't win the BSC and go deep in the playoff's I will trust that he knows what he is doing.

Sorry for the long post, I realize this is mostly BS from my own little fantasy world, so commence with the ripping.
No ripping here. You have stated something that we all have thought, hoped for, and stated on here in different ways. I tend to agree with what you have said. I also believe that he has the players buy-in on this one also. I don't see any panic on the team at all. Disgust when errors are made or injuries happen but no panic. There is a quiet confidence on this team that maybe we are not used to. We have been watching an in your face offense and defense over the last several years and now maybe it is time for some deception and covert action with the knowledge that the Griz have all the horses they need to pull the cart.
I agree with you Grizbeer! I think we are slowly starting to see "other" things on offense as well as defense. Granted the new things they are introducing aren't being used constantly, they're being used (ie more passes to the running backs in the flats)in a conservative dare I say "secretive " manner. I also agree that along with stability at QB will come a more aggressive attack that will be unleashed when needed.

Another thing I've noticed and I could be wrong about this but against NDSU our first offensive series we went no huddle and went straight down the field and scored a TD and then we haven't seen it since, so that is an option if we get into a shoot out.

Something else that I've noticed about this staff is that they prepare for each team, adjusting to their strengths and weaknesses before the game versus using the same game plan to start and adjusting as the game progresses. That is something that comes from experienced coaches, granted BH has never been a HC but it's not like he hasn't been around the game his whole life.

That's my $.02 but its probably only worth $ .01 or less !
I agree that Hauck doesn't want to reveal too much if he thinks the Griz don't need to. But even Ochs said in one of the articles that the offense has been conservative because his ankle isn't 100%, but that as he gets healthier the offense will start opening up more. He indicated that the Griz will start opening it up this week against the Bungles, as his ankle is getting better everyday.

In the end, I think the play calling has been driven by factors outside the coach's control, i.e. health of Ochs and taking what the defenses will give them. I look for the offense to continue to improve and generate more points.

While I often have a simplistic view of things, to me it spoke volumes that Weber came out defensively guarding against the pass, willing to give up the run. To me that says Weber knows the Griz passing game is coming, and were afraid it was going to be unleashed on them.

Hopefully, the Griz air attack is unleashed this weekend, nevertheless I think the coaches will deal with what the Bungles defense gives them and come out with another W.
The Bengals seem to think that their defense is coming together, so I don't think they will be conceding anything.-- which means that their linebackers will be cheating up near the line to stuff the running game. This will be an open invitation to Ochs and the OC to go to the air-- and I guess we'll find out what kind of arm Craig really has. I'm optimistic of his ability and that of our receiving corps, but it will be interesting. We might even see much more offense than anyone is expecting (such as Tony Moss).
I don't think that there are any questions about Ochs' arm. He showed us that last week. His only drawback is that he is rusty. On two long throws last week, he underthrew the receiver by about 2-3 yards. Both would have been completions for long gains had he been right on the money. That will come with more practice and game experience. Let's not forget, Last week against Weber was his first start in about 2 years. Considering that, he did damn good... :D