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My take on this one.


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This is this weeks game of the year.....

Here is what I think may be effective.

- I know I have been calling for a lot more blitzing....however, this week I am thinking the best D maybe the nickel look and only rushing four. The reason.....well I think the only way that the Cats get any run game goin is if we blitz and Lulay tucks the ball and runs. We may even see a "spy" on Lulay. I also think we will be able to get some pressure with our front four. Bush should have a big game......Lord knows he will be as fired up as he has been in his career.

- Don't punt to Smith......no explanations needed.

- Do mix the pass with the run. We can not come out and run three straight downs....and we can not come out and pass three straight. I am still waiting on more screen passes....and "safe" passes to help both run and passing games. (Course, it was a "safe" pass that resulted in EWU's only TD)

- QB draws of our own. Let Ochs drop back....and then take off. You know their D line will be rushing upfield hard.....

- The run will have to be a big part of the game...weather considering. So we need the Oline and 33 and 38 to run hard and get at least 3-4 yards a run. If that is the case....look for Big Willie to have a big game off of play action, and for the Griz O to roll.

- I just do not see a way the Cats will be able to move the ball effectively. I think that their biggest threat will be Lulay running it. And that is what I would try to take away.

- We need to not have turnovers. I think that Turnovers would be the only way the Cats make this a game. If we stay close in turnover margin we should be fine.....if we are ahead in turnover margin, we should be rolling.

- I wouldn't be too upset if Segars and JH had some big returns on kickoff....though they may only have a few chances at it. :wink:

- I would hope that we would be mindful of their punting game. I would almost guarantee at least one fake punt from them. And the way that Lulay punts.....I might not even put LV back to field punts. Just rush the punter....and be mindful of any potential WR.....I would be content with the 30 yard punt and no return with a chance of a blocked punt more than to have a (not so) potential return with chance of a fake that results in the pussies keepin the ball. ----- The reason I say not so potential on the return....the style of punt. It allows the coverage team to get way down field before the ball is even kicked.....plus the ball won't get more than 20 feet off the ground, and will be rolling on the ground long before the returner can get there.

What else say you?
Good plan GeauxGriz.

Line has been set in our office at MSU +13.

Q2 in Billings. (No Idea in MSLA or around the state) Showed EGriz.com on coverage of the game. Q2 said you can't win the game on a chat board.
After watching the pussies a couple of times the way to beat their defense is with mis direction plays. They overpursue and push up field very quickly. Counter plays...counter traps...screens ect will just kill their pursuit...A reverse now and then will go for big yards. I predict that Ochs will kill em with the fake handoff and then run the reverse naked bootleg.
I think the Griz have to establish the pass early. Last week EWU showed that the receivers can not get open against a good man to man coverage. The Cats will stack the box and force Ochs and the receivers make the plays. As for the Griz defense, I still think they have to blitz to be effective, but they can not get predictable as to where it will come from or Lulay will hit the big play. :silly:

GeauxGriz said:
the style of punt. It allows the coverage team to get way down field before the ball is even kicked.....

Good analysis Geaux, but I have a question for anyone who wants to chime in. Don't the refs in the Big Sky know how to call ineligible receiver down field on punts? Or did the rules for punt coverage get changed while I wasn't looking? The linemen can't get farther down field than 3 yards past the line of scrimmage until the ball is punted, it doesn't matter how long it takes to punt the ball, they shouldn't be allowed to have a head start but we have played against a couple of "roll out" punters this year and I swear those linemen are 5-10 yards down field when the ball is kicked and I haven't seen a flag on them yet. What is the deal?
I feel this will be a low scoring game 20-7 Griz. And I believe it will take trick plays for the cats to move the ball. As pointed out above, the cats will likely do at least 1 fake punt, so I would plan for that all day. But bottom line I don't see how the cats can win this game. There is no way they could earn it. We would have to give it away with turnovers etc.. So if our coach goes conservative, it might be the best game plan.
I don't think the weather will be as much a factor as the frozen cowpies to trip over in the litter box. The frozen piles of sheep pellets are likely to be like well-oiled ball bearings. 8)

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