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My take on Fridays scrimmage


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We're in great shape. I think the hardest part would be to pick one between Ochs and Disney.
Today Ochs played the second series and did very well. he was used little, and i think it was because he played like "i can do this", and did it very well. Then after Disney and Hartman played alot he came back in for a few plays and overthrew a guy-because he had literally cooled down.
Disney started sub-par and got better and better.
He throws a slightly better spiral than Ochs and has a strong arm, but Ochs does have a stronger arm IMHO and both are deadly accurate, both hit runners in stride which allowed wrs to catch and run without slowing, gaining many yards after catch...something we've not seen for a while.
Hartman is good, and makes very good decisions.
Still, at this point, i dont see him moving to #2 or #1 unless Ochs or Disney get hurt.

Waller seems to be shaking and baking less and benig patient behind blockers and it is paying off. Same for Engleman. Enlgeman made a few typical Frosh mistakes, but i contend that he's a better runner and blocker than Waller and will, at somepoint be ahead of Waller, but they're too close to call right now.
Brady Green still hits the hole faster than either of the other two. He's a pleasent surprise. Hamil is showing he's too slow for this style of offense.
Also, certain new counter and trap runs are making better holes than last week, but used sparingly, the zone or straight on run blocking is still nothing spectacular vs the Great Griz D.
TEs. I saw less of Walden this go around and didn't see any thrown to Simpson.
They used the 2 TE set with hartman a lot.
Ben Winn made some nice grabs.
We are DEEP at TE.

Again, another great day for wrs.
Segars, Hancock and Heidleberger were great and Castanza made a great catch also.
Hazlett reminds me of Talmage a lot, but i'll let time tell if thats true. Peterson and Hollenbeck made a good showing wide, they caught some, but usually it just turned out that they were the last read on most of the plays they were in for.
They and Hancock are probably the best blockig wrs today.

Oline, the backups continue to look good to me with not a huge let down when they replace the starters. I noticed brian white going down field some and killing dbs like they were rag dolls.

D-line. No real chinks in the armour here. I think we'll have at least 8 guys that are good enough to start this fall.

LB: Meyers is a player. He blitzed some and gave good pressure. He covered TEs well and wrs too, and helped out nicely with the run. He seemed to be everywhere.
I noticed that Thompson seems the be comfortable being a vocal leader when hes out there. I think his experience is nice and it shows he's a big help. Really, though the LBs are all good and are playing better , IMHO than last year at this point, especially on run help and pass coverage both.

Safety. I saw good things from them, however when covering slot guys they struggled-especially Thomas, Gamba did much better in coverage...usually and was not without error. Overall, we'll be ok.

CB. I think they were exploited some this week.
So far i think rubie is the best one left at CB(not counting Smith). Adkins is quick, but right now he isn't there. I'm not saying he wont be, but right now he's not, and again i'll state he's a better wr than he is a corner and if the incoming frosh(Clark, Cooper, etc) are as good as advertised i'd move him back to wr provided he can catch. Harris made some good plays but doesn't cover laterally well yet. I understand it's hard to learn these things. So, for now, i'm cutting them some slack and not rulling them out completely. I didn't see Otterson specificly-this week, but he might not be too bad.
I like Polhemus, but i still think he makes a better Safety than CB.

Kicking. Snyder did good punting-i didn't hear his distances though, and drilled a 43(or so FG) and one shorter and looked great.
Selle was holding which is a good thing IMHO...during fakes it would be nice to have a qb like him throwing. :)
Speaking of which how about playing Andy Thompson as upback on Punts...fakes might be VERY interesting.

A few notes. DeCoite still didn't play-from what i saw.
Biggest surprise: Brady Green. He's not all BSC, but he's better than many thing.
Best "That's the way I like it": Ochs and Disney hitting Segars, Castanza and Heidelburger in stride for big games.
Something present that's been absent: short out route passes to the wideouts ala Don Read Era. During the scrimmage the did it several times...got the CBs to move up and then they went deep with great sucess...also they went deep with great sucess even without the setup. ;-)
Oh one last thing, all QBs showed great touch on screens and "sold" them well.
I think Ochs "sells" the Play action pass the best of the 3.
I agree with what you said that he will not jump to #2 or #1 over Ochs or Disney, but I am still impressed. He will redshirt this year, Huack all but assured this in the Missoulian today, but he looks like he could be a good one. He went 7-7 today with a long touchdown, granted that this was not against the first unit, it is still impressive. He looks like he could be really good in a couple of years. It is too early to say anything, but he has potential to be another good QB out of Russell.
While I agree that Hartman maybe a great one, I would ask you to consider that he is doing his thing while facing a depleted 2nd and 3rd string D. Consider all the starters that sat out....Pitcher, Bush, Decoite, Smith, Robinson.......Now consider that those spots are filled with 2nd stringers, and thus the second stringers spots are filled by 3rd stringers and Walk-ons.

I am excited for him to mature and get his chance though! Could it be the @nd coming of DD????? :eek:
Good take Griz Mania...everything sounds pretty positive.

Also positive was Kasper's take: http://www.missoulian.com/articles/2003/04/20/sports/zsports01.txt

If all things were even I would want to go with Ochs, because he impressed me in his days at Colorado...but I'll trust Hauck if he tells me Disney is better.
Thanks again GrizMania. Your information is very helpful, especially for those of us who could not attend. I don't feel bad missing the scrimmage since Canada was providing blue skies and incredible spring skiing. But now that the ski season is over, I can get back to more important things like Griz football. See you all in Polson.
Good point Geaux. But also consider that Hartman himself isnt even 1st, 2nd, OR 3rd string. The future's so bright... 8)
ACtually, there were some players that were with the first D unit when hartman was in.
Also, keep in mind our there is very little or no drop off when the backup D line is in and to a lesser extent the same for the LB core.
Something else to keep in mind is that Hartman is working with the 2cd and 3rd team O. he isn't "supposed" to be doing great.
However, regardless of who he is up against he's still finding the open guy EVERY time. Also, he can go through his reads 1, 2, 3, and 4...even 5 if need be it seems. We've not had that for a few years.
His arm isn't the strongest, but he is accurate and strong enough. Also, he's very agile.
There is time between now and when Ochs/Disney are done, but if during that times things don't take some odd twist, then I expect to see some great things from this kid. :D