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Musings of a proud dad....


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My son verbally committed this week to play baseball for Seattle University. A right handed pitcher, he chose Seattle U over New Mexico State, U of Portland and Dayton. For those of you not familiar with D1 baseball recruiting, a team is only allotted 11.7 scholarships to be distributed among 30 players; as such, a 1/3 schollie is pretty typical. He missed his sophomore year with a fractured elbow and has worked his rear end off since then to get back to form and is off to a great start on his senior season. He's also a good student, 3.7 GPA -- between baseball and academic scholarships, he's getting a 90% ride. He will sign the NLI on April 17, which is the opening of the signing period for sports other than football.

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He must be some kind of player, baseball scholarships are extremely hard to get. I will have to check him out. I usually see a few Husky, Pilot and Redhawk games every year, congrats to him Seattle U is a great school, my wife graduated from their Law school..
Congrats to your son, OTG!

Glad he's staying close to home. Let me know when he's starting and we'll go take in a game! :thumb: