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Muddled Thinking


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Fellow Faithful,

If I may be so bold as to offer a prediction regarding the outcome of this season’s gridiron campaign – The Bobpussies will indeed be Co-Champions of the Big Sky.
Though I expect them to finish no higher than 3rd place, by the magic of the convoluted logic apparently being taught at Bozo U. that should be sufficient to yield at least a share of the crown. Allow me to demonstrate…..If a=b=c results in a single BSC champion, then a>b>c yields a Co-Champion. Since it is likely that the symbols assigned herein are beyond the limited reasoning skills of our friends from the east, I will (for their benefit) define the terms of the preceding mathematical expressions: A=Griz, B=ISU Bengals, C=Bobpussies.

Perhaps it is unfair to lay blame solely on BobScat U. as the myth of parity is perpetuated by those who would have us believe that (due to some strange tie-breaking formulas) a 7-win/6-loss season is in some way equivalent to an 11-win/3-loss season.

Does anyone else find this kind of muddled thinking cause for concern? I think it deplorable that the level of achievement, which 20 years ago would have earned a return trip to the fifth grade, is now commonplace in our institutions of “higher learning”. “Thanks, mom & dad” for supporting an egalitarian philosophy of equal access to higher education (regardless of mental acuity) that obviously can only be met by “lowering the bar” to the point where the only entrance requirement is the ability to “fog a mirror”.

A plea to business majors: Please!...Learn well the lessons that will ensure our continued prosperity and secure the futures of our children. It is obvious that, in an increasingly technology-driven world, it will be necessary to hire foreign talent as we seem unable to domestically produce adequately educated engineers. (Gee, 4 yeers ago, I coutnt evin spel injuneer, now I r one!)