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I hate to say this, but I wouldn't mind seeing MSU upset NAU. At the same time I don't want them losing then facing us at home pissed off. Torn here. I guess I'd like for us to give them their first loss because I don't think MSU has it in them.
I guess I'd like to see the Bobcats squeak one out--it would certainly throw the conference into a wide open scramble. Problem is that the Cats seem to play their worst football at home. They actually looked pretty good last week against Weber, but now that they're at home will probably return to earlier form.
I don't want them losing then facing us at home pissed off.

Pissed-off or not, I doubt the 'Jacks could be more motivated for a game against the Griz. I think they, like every other team in the Sky, wants to take us down - and thinks they have a shot this year.

I'm rootin' for the cats this weekend.
we need a loss by NAU.
Wow, I never thought I would live to see the day a Griz fan pulls for the Cats, but I understand.....

I see this as a very close game. The running game will determine the winner. If NAU can move the ball on the ground I think they will win. MSU will come out trying to stop the pass. NAU is going to come out running the ball. If the running game is effective, MSU will have to adjust by puttuing 8 guys in the box. Murrietta will then pick MSU apart.

Portland St. came out against NAU ready to stop the pass, NAU ran the ball like 17 of 20 plays to start the game (TD), and ran the ball all night (58 attempts). I think this game may take the same shape. Final score NAU 17/ MSU 13
I'm 100% for NAU. I don't want the Cats to be playing for anything when they encounter the Griz next month.
I'm torn. I guess the positive thing is that SOMEONE has to lose. In reality, the best thing for the GRIZ is having NAU lose. Then we can beat them again next week. We'll take care of the kitty cats in November
I am a Griz fan who works in Bozeman. Wanting bad enough for NAU to lose this week I pledged to a diehard co-working Cat fan that if they won this week then I would wear a Bobcat Logo on my work uniform for one week. I am already having nightmares about having to fulfill this promise if the Cat's win. Kinda like one of those dreams you have when you are in some social situation and you are inexeplicity naked. Oh well... anything for the Griz!
No matter the outcome of this weekend's game between MSU and NAU, the Griz need to win out. If they do that then there is not reason for anyone to NOT want the Cats to beat NAU. NAU needs to lose to the Cats and Griz and then beat ISU. Then the Griz will be in the driver's seat.