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MSU recruiting article


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You remember that Bozeman Chronicle article, "MSU winning in-state recruiting wars". Now it's right there when you go over to i-aafootball.com. I guess the Cats can't get over themselves and their ONE good recruit.
Its not all in who you recruit but what you do with your recruits. Look at Texas. They are always top5 in the nation but fail to beat the big boys. Same thing with MSU.
I think the Cats beat the Griz this past year at your own place, your right .. always getting best recruits doesn't look like you win :)

GGG...can you translate what the cat fan meant to say for me?
Yes, they speak a different language over in Bozoland. Noone can ever decipher what they're trying to say. They win one of the last seventeen and pee all over themselves. We're going to cure that problem on November 22 lest they get more delusional ideas of "dominance!" :wink:
Leave it to the Cats to look like losers even after a "big" win. You know how to lose, now learn how to win, and i don't mean just the score. So keep recruiting and enjoying the facade of being great. You can polish a turd, but it is still a turd.
I swear to God that the cat fans talk more sh*t about 10-7 than Griz fans have ever said about 49-3. I guess we all should make up for that. Everyone remember 49-3? In Bozeman?!?! When MSU's own fans at the game were booing and throwing garbage their beloved little pussycats. Good times.

No one here in Griz Country is jealous of Montana State. No one except cat fans are satisfied with beating their arch-rivals only once in the last 17 years of the series. So go on, talk it up. You'll always be second fiddle to the Mighty Griz. I'm actually surprised there haven't been any more flukes over the last 17 years, beacause that's all it was, a fluke, and you all know it. It's called dominance, and there's plenty more where that came from.
Most of the cat fans I know have been real cool about the cats winning this year, but they are also some educated people that realize the number of impact players the Griz did not have on the field. The Griz were damn lucky in couple of games also, especially in the game Hepner kicks a field goal with seconds left. I talked with the writer from Bozeman and he all but admited he got caught up in Kramers Krap or Hype talk. Most realize the cats lost the instate battle, but they may have won the out of state battle. Some other poster said it best when he decribed them as NON-tana State.
I did like the 49-3 1999 game. But my favorite is the 2000 game. The score was only 28-3, but that doesn't tell the whole story. As I recall, the Cats had -7 total yards at half! Yes...NEGATIVE Seven total yards. They ended up with 89 total yards because Glenn was puttin drunk fans into the game in the fourth quarter to try to keep it close......but the pussies had 37 yards rushing on 39 attempts. :wink: Just pure ass whippings.

But the more painful year for the Cats would have to be 1997. They were up and should have won that game.....and then the Hepner last second fieldgoal!!!!! HAHAHAHA

But next year will be painful for them too, because they now have a built up expectation. They think they should beat us at their house......how painful it will be. :wink: